Mark Abbott

Around me in the P+C industry, I’ve watched alternative risk transfer and captive structures rising up and securing more and more market share each year. I decided to re-tool to join this exciting side of the business and needed to learn as much as I could as fast as possible.  The ICCIE program offered me the flexibility to fast-track the course work and to fine tune it ultimately so as to get the most direct applications for what areas I will be working in.  The staff at ICCIE and the teachers from the industry are very accommodating, but the real bonus was the networking opportunities with my fellow cohort students from around the world.

Completed designation: September 23, 2014

Khadine Adams

My name is Khadine Adams and I am 2008 Howard University graduate, where I earned a BBA in Insurance, concentration in actuarial science. I began pursuit of the ACI designation during my sophomore year, under sponsorship from the Housing Authority Insurance Group. During my senior year, I happily completed the requirements. With no captive industry experience, I feel that the ACI designation has laid a sturdy foundation in the field for me. Nowadays, it is imperative that students supplement their university degrees with external learning such as this. My classmates and instructors were always helpful in answering any questions that I may have had. Additionally, the large amount of materials that I received throughout the coursework has allowed me build a great library of information to which I can refer. Whether you are new to the field or an industry expert, I believe that the ACI designation provides deep knowledge and insight into the captive industry, and I would recommend it to anyone who has interest in this niche market.

Completed designation: August 08, 2008

Virginia Adrihan

The ICCIE program is valuable for anyone interested in pursuing or continuing a career in the captive insurance industry. Through the ACI program, I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge on current issues affecting the industry, and met some great people along the way.

Completed designation: February 28, 2011

Maila Aganon

Practical experience in operating a captive is important. Once you go through the ICCIE program, you will find there is so much more to learn and you will get a better appreciation of the profession you choose.

Completed designation: June 24, 2011

Greg Agnone

ACI Designation program through ICCIE was a great experience. The content was thorough but not overwhelming. The faculty was well versed on the subject matter and the program gives you exposure to the real movers and shakers in the industry. I highly recommend it.

Completed Designation January 19, 2019

Michael Alberico

ICCIE exceeded all my expectations. As the only organization dedicated to providing a designation for the captive industry, I expected the course material and instructors to be the best and they were. The staff at ICCIE was extremely helpful, very knowledgeable, friendly and courteous. They went out of their way to make sure my experience was enjoyable and worthwhile. I highly recommend everyone in the captive industry take the time to enroll in a course and to support ICCIE in any way they can. I surely will.

Completed designation: December 06, 2012

Aimee Andersen

The ICCIE program has been beneficial in furthering my knowledge of the captive insurance industry.  It has also provided me with the opportunity to interact with a wide range of professionals in the industry.  I would recommend the program to anyone interested in learning more about the captive insurance industry.

Completed designation: December 5, 2014

Eric Anderson

The ACI course work broadened my knowledge about captives into areas beyond my normal actuarial work. This gave me the opportunity to deepen my understanding of other issues and build a more well-rounded understanding of captives from the ground up. It also allowed me to interact with other professionals in the industry, some of whom I already knew and others I met for the first time. I would absolutely recommend pursuing the ACI designation to anyone looking for a more complete picture of the multifaceted world of captives.

Completed designation November 16, 2018

Timothy Andrew

I began work on the ACI designation at the same time I began work in my position within the TN Captive Section. Being new to the captive industry upon entering the ACI program, and being a part of one of the fastest growing domiciles in the world, I knew it was imperative to gain a solid understanding of the operations and nature of captives, as well as the captive industry as a whole. Without a doubt, the ACI program has been immensely helpful in obtaining that understanding in a reasonable amount of time. I now find myself often checking to see if the person with whom I am working has completed the program, as I know that the designation ensures a good working knowledge of captives, as well as a commitment to excellence. I would highly recommend this program to anyone working with captives.

Completed designation October 24, 2019

Donald Ashwood

I’m very thankful to have been given the opportunity to participate in the prestigious ACI Program. This designation has undoubtedly provided me with a level of captive education needed to best serve others in this complex and innovative industry. The courses were certainly challenging; however, the support that the course instructors and ICCIE staff provided throughout my experience was exemplary. I highly encourage anyone seeking an advanced captive education to consider pursuing the ACI.

Completed Designation May 27, 2021

Paula Audibert

I was glad to be part of ICCIE’s inaugural ACI class and have come to see it grow to the robust program it is today. It’s the only forum in which you can learn the intricacies of all aspects of the captive insurance industry directly from its most noted and trusted professionals. The continuing CPE course materials are current and relevant and help designees stay abreast of the changes that affect us all in the captive community. We encourage all our new staff, regardless of experience level, to take part in the ICCIE program.

Completed designation: March 10, 2006

Candice Bain

The ICCIE courses were very informative and interactive. The various training materials for Captives gives me a wider perspective about the Captive Insurance Industry. I enjoyed the group interaction from persons around the globe. Thank you to my Instructors.

Completed Certificate May 20, 2021

Karen Basso

The ACI designation program and the ICCIE courses not only enhanced my understanding of captives and the nuances of determining appropriate forms, structures, and domiciles, but also enabled me and my company to better serve clients in a growing segment of our insurance and reinsurance program practice. I also have made many valuable new business contacts in the alternative risk world.

Completed designation: July 28, 2009

Donald Bendure

I first started dealing with captive insurance companies in 1981 when Ace and XL were relatively new captives offshore in Bermuda. The age of captives was still young but had just started to seriously blossom. Captives were and still are very useful tools for risk financing. I have been enamored with captives ever since. That is the reason, in part, why I signed up for the inaugural teleconference class of ICCIE students when the opportunity presented itself. I found then, and continue to find, ICCIE’s teaching and mentoring in their courses and continuing education required to be “top shelf” in the insurance industry. I highly recommend their continued approach to detailed and useful content to enhance the knowledge you may have already obtained through your experience. ICCIE brings their students and alumni to an even higher level of competency.

Completed designation: September 4, 2007

Nick Bennett

Thank you to everyone who put together and manages the ACI program! It has been a great experience and I feel that it has strongly improved my knowledge of the ins and outs of the captive insurance industry. I look forward to putting everything I learned to use in assisting my clients and ensuring they are getting the most out of their captives.

Completed designation: May 19, 2023

Michael Benzinger

I found the program to be very relevant to my occupation as a captive manager, the subject matter was diverse.  I found the program to be engaging and sometimes challenging, but in a very positive way.  The speakers were very well-qualified in the subject matter. The ICCIE staff were extremely responsive and helpful.  I highly recommend the program to individuals who want a better understanding of risk, alternative risk, captives, etc.

Completed designation: May 5, 2015

Sinead Bethel

The ACI program has played a pivotal role in my career since its attainment. It has laid a firm foundation in alternative risk management which has brought benefits to my present and future career endeavors.

Completed designation July 16, 2017

Charlie Boornazian

I feel that earning the ACI designation was a meaningful and enriching process.  The instructors are some of the most knowledgeable (and well known) people in our industry.  In addition, the University of Vermont Web Platform was an excellent way of learning, and sharing knowledge among the class.  I felt that the course content was very well organized, and that most of the knowledge taken away can be used immediately. I’m encouraging many of my colleagues to contact ICCIE to learn further details about the ACI program.

Completed designation: December 01, 2008

Sanchez Brooks

The knowledge gained from the ICCIE, along with the interaction with other practicing professionals around the world created an invaluable opportunity that has enhanced my reach in my current career.   Additionally, the excellent facilitators coupled with the vast knowledge base of individuals allowed for thought-provoking and interactive learning which is a highly recommended starting point for anyone interested in gaining a wealth of knowledge on the intricacies of Captive Insurance.

Completed designation: August 10, 2016

Rae Brown

The focus of the ACI designation courses and the integration of the many components that make up captive insurance was both interesting and important.  I have fourteen years’ experience in captive design, implementation and management and the program brought a valuable level of  knowledge to my experience.

Completed designation March 23, 2021

Sean Brown

I was provided the opportunity to participate in the ICCIE – ACI designation during 2022.  I found the combination of both instructor-led and self-paced course work to be well-balanced to ensure success with the program.  Further, the ICCIE online learning platform demonstrates a commitment to working professionals with an adequate timeframe to complete classes. The knowledge and skillsets provided through the completion of the designation allowed for a greater understanding of captive insurance dynamics that are applicable within the industry.  I highly recommend the ACI designation program.

Completed designation: December 26, 2022

Romika Browne

I found the ACI program to have been an extremely beneficial and helpful part in furthering my career. Being new to the Captive Industry I found quite often we would cover something in one of the classes that dealt directly with what I was working on at the time. So the course was able to give me a better understanding of what it is I was doing on a day to day basis. Overall the program has definitely helped in giving me meaningful knowledge and a better understanding of the Captive Industry as a whole and has allowed me to further my career as a result of taking this course.

Completed designation: February 28, 2014

Dan Brudos

I’ve been in several segments of the insurance industry over the years. I always look to educate myself in that industry segment and obtain the most pertinent designation. The ICCIE program was the most focused and easiest to utilize of all that I have used. Add to that the knowledgeable instructors, the helpful staff, and the quality interactions with other students, it is the best. I now have the knowledge base to be successful in the captive world.

Completed designation: July 10, 2009

Cinda Carbone

The well rounded curriculum of ICCIE provided the framework to gain an understanding of captives from consideration to maturity. The course material was extensive and provided me with an excellent resource library. The elective course choices are growing and represent all points of view including owners, participants and service providers. The greatest benefit for me was the interaction with instructors and fellow students on their varied views and experiences in all aspects of captives from feasibility to ongoing management to enhancements. The program encouraged interaction, participation and group assignments.

Completed designation: July 08, 2009

Andrew Cardoza

The program was full of insightful knowledge that helped my understanding of the deep intricacies of Captives. This program helped me deepen my knowledge to get one step closer to becoming a Captive expert.

Completed certificate: July 23, 2023

Charonay Carty

The ACI program allowed me to get a better grasp on the concept of captive insurance. Each course I enrolled in addressed different aspect of a captive but when put together gave a holistic view. Because I now have a better understanding of how the product works I believe I am in a better position to regulate and create regulations/guidelines to govern captive insurers.

Completed designation: April 13, 2015

Joe Cerroni

I found the ICCIE program on captive insurance to be very challenging and informative. I strongly believe it will be helpful to me in my law practice.

Completed designation: June 06, 2012

Wayne Cheng

I’ve about 15 years’ experience from commercial insurance brokering before deciding to take on a risk manager role for a large company. I’ve decided to seek out additional education for managing captive insurances for a parent company, and I am very impressed with the depth of knowledge from instructors and ACI’s study materials. I would recommend the ACI program for any risk managers looking to establish foundational knowledge about captive insurances, make connection with peers, and be introduced to high-performing service professionals for captives.

Completed designation: January 27, 2023

Peggy A. Chulack

When our organization began exploring captive insurance options in 2006, I looked for opportunities to learn more about the captive industry.  I found the International Center for Captive Insurance Education and enrolled in its ACI designation program.  The curriculum was exactly what I was looking for, and it provided me with all of the fundamentals that I needed.  The instructors are very knowledgeable; the fellow student interaction was very positive and helpful; and the ICCIE staff was very supportive.  I strongly encourage those working in the industry or those wanting to learn more about the industry to enroll in the ICCIE ACI designation program.

Completed designation: June 25, 2008

Jackie Cipollone

Taking the ICCIE courses was one of my better decisions.  ICCIE chooses its instructors wisely.  I enjoyed the pressure it placed on me to be responsible for attending the courses, doing the homework and passing the exams.  ICCIE is a well-structured, educational tool that I would highly recommend to a colleague.

Completed designation: January 22, 2009

Georgina Clark

My experience working with other ICCIE students on group projects was very rewarding. I worked with teammates throughout the United States as well as students in Bermuda.

Completed designation: December 19, 2008


Joshua Clark

I am incredibly grateful that there is such a professionally run program to help educate people about the incredible captive insurance industry. I would highly recommend this program as an essential component for anybody working within the captive industry!

Completed designation December 13, 2021

Jordan Cohen

ICCIE has fulfilled an ever-growing need in the insurance industry, as the knowledge and understanding of captives has proven to be a rare commodity. The ACI designation program is a comprehensive, well-structured educational opportunity which has left me with a wealth of knowledge in a broad range of captive topics. I highly recommend this program of study to individuals at all levels, in any capacity, who want to acquire the most thorough captive education available.

Completed designation: January 27, 2011

Greg Cook

I found the curriculum to be interesting and informative, bolstering my knowledge of the Captive industry. The program is a great overview of key industry aspects which I would highly recommend to any new or seasoned insurance professional.

Completed Designation November 2, 2018

Andrea Corry

I thought the program was well designed and gave me a solid base of understanding of captives. The instructors were highly knowledgeable and engaging.

Completed designation: July 20, 2011

Chandler Cox

I thoroughly enjoyed all of the courses required to receive the ACI Designation.  The curriculum includes a broad range of captive insurance education taught by knowledgeable industry professionals in conjunction with classmates who contribute to the learning process.

Completed designation November 13, 2020

Piper Crockett

I was new to the captive insurance industry when I started way back in 2008 and looking to gain knowledge related to the industry. I attended every webinar, seminar and conference that I could in order to absorb the most information about captive insurance. It wasn’t until several colleagues recommended the ICCIE Associates in Captive Insurance (ACI) program that I felt my knowledge base came full circle. The program provided insightful, relevant courses taught by qualified individuals working in the industry. It continues to provide me with a platform of multiple resources and useful information when needed. I am proud to say that I completed my ACI designation in August 2011 and highly recommend it to any professional working in the captive insurance industry.

Completed designation August 12, 2011

Jeanne Crowell

I appreciate that ICCIE presented me with the opportunity to learn more about the captive insurance industry from knowledgeable instructors with real world experience. At Liberty Mutual Insurance, we provide a full range of captive management services to many captive customers with various captive arrangements. I found the education that I received in earning and maintaining my ACI designation to be valuable in better understanding our customers and their needs.

Completed designation: December 14, 2006

Carl Culmer

As a regulatory analyst, there is a unique opportunity to see an entity’s operations through a business’s economic life cycle. The ACI courses provides you with the supplementary technical knowledge for one to gain an appreciation for the captive insurance business from the angles of the captive insurance owner, captive insurance manager, third party service providers and supervisory authority. Although challenging at times, the program directs you to think broadly in its application while maintaining true to understanding insurance as an alternative risk mechanism.

Completed designation December 6, 2016

Dawnette Darrell

The ICCIE – ACI designation program far exceeded   my expectations.  I recommend that if you work in the Captive Industry or Alternative Risk Market you should consider enrolling in the courses or better still the entire ACI program, it would be worth your while.  It has given me a greater insight into the Captive Industry.

Completed designation: May 10, 2013

Jean Jacques Debrot

ICCIE delivered multiple dimensions, brought into the live on-line classroom, the benefits of inter-cultural aspects as well as the pro-active responses by tutors equally eager to cross geographic boundaries and widen their scope. Perhaps the time has come to encourage wider use of the audio-video option to break through the classroom anonymity and step up the benefits of interactive sharing of the captive learning experience.

Completed designation: January 18, 2010

Amy DeJong

The captive world is ever evolving. The ability to grasp the concepts is not lost on the folks at ICCIE. The courses were relevant, basic yet challenging. The best value comes in the connection with other professionals in the industry looking to propel the use of captives within their industry niche.

Completed designation: August 12, 2011

Angelia Demkovic

Before getting into the ACI program, I just had superficial, general knowledge of the insurance industry. I knew almost nothing about Captives.  As much as it was exciting in the beginning, conquering the unknown was totally out of my comfort zone. As time went on, I gained knowledge of how to understand captives from all different standpoints – from captive owners, actuaries, managers, TPAs,  to state insurance regulators and more. The instructors are experienced and very current and relevant, covering all angles of the captive industry. Attending online sessions, I was pleasantly surprised by the level of education I could gain. For me, the whole program was beyond informative, though very challenging, at times. The value I received was incredible. I feel accomplished and proud. I am more confident at my work, networking in the industry, and in all insurance and captive matters. And, for that, I thank you, ICCIE!

Completed designation: June 17, 2016

William Diaber

All my courses were very well run and easy to attend on-line. They were all presented by instructors with excellent qualifications, who are industry leaders, and they were able to provide us with practical and useable information drawn from their real world experience. A great side benefit of the courses are the networking opportunities gained from interacting with the instructors and fellow classmates from all parts of the captive industry. Overall, my experience was very good and productive from the first course to the last. A big thank you to ICCIE for providing a valuable and well-rounded curriculum.

Completed designation: May 18, 2022

Ashley DiMayo

I really enjoyed the ACI program and highly recommend it to professionals in the captive space. The program covers a multitude of topics related to captive insurance with each class providing specific knowledge on the course topic. The instructors are experts in their respective field of study, were able to apply the content to real life scenarios and fostered collaboration among students. This is knowledge that I will use every day.

Completed designation: May 12, 2016

Dawn Dinardio

I took advantage of the Covid-19 global pandemic to focus on continuing my education in the captive Industry.  The knowledge I have gained and access to a network of like-minded professionals will only continue to provide best in class support to my staff and clients.  I only wish I had made the choice to get into this program years ago.  I would highly encourage all captive professionals to take that next step to further their education.  I am excited that I had the opportunity to build my network and gain some new friends along the way.

Completed designation November 30, 2020

Colin Donovan

I very much enjoyed my experience with ICCIE’s ACI designation program. The three most important things I’ve taken away from the ACI designation program are:

1. A better understanding of captive insurance industry in general. Working for an RRG in a niche market with only three lines of coverage, I’m not often exposed to the issues a large single-parent captive, for example, might face. I think I’m a better RRG manager having become familiar with other facets of the industry.

2. A better understanding of RRGs and the lines that we write. The two electives I took – Risk Retention Groups and AU66 (Underwriting Commercial Liability) – were excellent and provided a deeper understanding of the risk retention mechanism I thought I knew best. So much for the idea that I’ve already learned everything there is to know about RRGs.

3. Solid relationships with my ICCIE instructors and peers. Relationship-forming is vital in most industries and captive insurance is no exception. The contacts I’ve made and the relationships I’ve forged will help me immeasurably in the years to come.

Thanks to the ICCIE staff, sponsors and everyone else involved in creating and growing such an important program to our industry. I’ve become a better and more knowledgeable captive manager for it – and that is more important to me that the three letters I now get to put after my name.

Completed designation: August 08, 2008

Corinne Doughty

While pursuing the ACI designation, I was consistently impressed by the relatability of coursework to my job.  Further, the openness and willingness of instructors to share their expertise has been invaluable.

Completed designation: June 10, 2022

Diana Dunkin-Vasquez

I found the ACI program beneficial and very helpful in expanding my knowledge about captives.  I enjoyed learning from the other participants in the program as we all have exposure to different situations.

Completed designation December 16, 2016

Bill Eleamos

I appreciated the curriculum’s online program which is built for the working professional.  I was able to complete the program at a pace that best suited my professional schedule and obligations.  The content of each class focused on a separate important aspect of the captive insurance and alternative risk industry.  Personally, the greatest benefit for me was the class interaction with the knowledgeable instructors and fellow colleagues.   I would like to reference a quote that I use often with clients and other insurance professionals, “If you’ve seen one captive, you’ve seen one captive.”  It is important for programs such as the ACI designation to exist in order for professionals to keep up with the unique and evolving captive insurance industry.  The ACI designation offered by ICCIE is a challenging yet thorough program of study that captive insurance professionals of all levels should consider to obtain.

Completed designation January 24, 2020

Karen English

The ACI designation is a great program.  The information is thorough and up to date and provides a good mix of the technical and non-technical issues.  Also, the teachers are industry experts in their field who are able to further explain the course material through real world examples.

Completed designation: October 20, 2010

Stacie Eyring

ICCIE’s ACI program provided invaluable educational insight, even for someone with decades of experience in the industry. The curriculum was comprehensive and thought-provoking, expanding my knowledge of captives in meaningful ways.

Completed designation April 11, 2024

Jason Findley

In considering to undertake the ICCIE program, I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. The overall structure of the program along with the coursework provided me with a much better understanding of the Captive process itself. I recommend it highly to anyone wanting to learn and understand more about Captives.

Completed designation: January 18, 2023

Ruth Flynn

The ACI designation exceeded my expectations. The coursework was challenging and the instructors had a great depth of knowledge.  The program administrators were fantastic! They were very responsive and organized!  Being able to attend remotely allowed me to complete a program that otherwise would not have been possible.

Completed designation: June 25, 2010

Kerstin Foltz

I am honored to have been given the opportunity to participate in the highly regarded ACI program. This designation is a cornerstone in the industry for all professionals. The courses were challenging but with the help of the dedicated staff and instructors, the knowledge I received was invaluable. ICCIE truly delivers an education with a passion that is unmet by any other learning opportunity within the industry. Highly recommended for new and tenured captive professionals.

Completed designation July 21, 2023

Douglas Ford

Earning my Associates in Captive Insurance through ICCIE was an invaluable experience. All of the presenters were well-versed in the captive industry and were active participants in the captive or the captive industry. Throughout my experience, I developed a broad overview of the industry while getting the specifics I needed to help me make practical decisions related to the establishment of a captive.

Completed designation May 21, 2023

Donna Foti

This is the most informative insurance course I’ve completed to date. It was extremely relevant to my role as Regulator as it has given me a lot of knowledge and understanding about the use of captives. I am also more aware of the particulars of captives and the knowledge acquired has added to my capacity as a supervisor of captive insurance companies.

Completed designation: December 8, 2014

Kimberly Frasca

I had such a wonderful experience taking the ICCIE courses towards receiving my ACI designation. I learned a lot and made many personal connections along the way. ICCIE courses do a great job of packing in a lot of content but not letting the materials get overwhelming. The instructors were all passionate about the subject matters and made each of the courses fun and interesting. I’ve learned a lot through the courses and all of it was incredibly applicable to my day-to-day work as a captive manager. I’m very glad that I did it and would recommend the ACI designation coursework to others!

Completed designation December 24, 2021

Mallory Fratta

I was extremely impressed with the ICCIE courses and CCI program. I found it quite insightful and strengthened my knowledge base of the industry. I now have a much better understanding of how captives are formed, their purpose, and what it takes to keep them running. I appreciated the real life experiences brought to the courses by the instructors as it made it applicable to the course work and my industry.

Completed Certificate  March 5, 2021


John Garcia

The training provided by the ACI curriculum greatly advanced my breadth and knowledge around the effective use of captives for risk financing, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who works in the alternative risk transfer market.

Completed designation: June 03, 2011


Santiago Garcia

The technical skills gathered during the course are easily applied to the captive insurance industry.  The up-to-date conversations and class interaction with colleagues make this certification an important step for those interested in understanding and keeping up with a fast changing industry.

Completed designation February 22, 2018

Emilie Gastley

The ACI program was invaluable to me as someone brand new to the captive space and risk management industry in general. The subject matter was highly relevant, the coursework was challenging and the instructors are among the most knowledgeable and well-known professionals in the industry. Completing the program got me up to speed much quicker than independent study or on-the-job experience possibly could have done. I’m so pleased I made the decision to pursue my ACI designation and know that the knowledge gained will be invaluable to my career going forward.

Completed designation April 9, 2018

Charlotte Gentry

“Learning from veterans in the captive industry is a great privilege and benefit. The collegial sharing of perspectives among dedicated professionals creates a superior educational experience. While being a Certified Professional Accountant laid a framework for financial analysis of captive insurance companies, the insight into the captive world and operational issues I received through instruction from and interaction with attorneys, captive managers, specialized accountants, investment advisors and actuaries enriched my understanding and ability to support the industry. The educational platform  at ICCIE of interactive or on demand lectures combined with individual and group exercises creates a high value and flexible program ideal for working professionals.”

Completed designation November 7, 2017

Robert Gerber

I’m very happy to have attained the ACI designation. The courses were interesting and relevant, the instructors were industry leaders and the ICCIE staff was extremely helpful throughout the entire process.

Completed designation: July 27, 2009

Vallabh Gorakh

You must have a solid foundation if you’re going to have a strong superstructure and CCI helped me in creating that solid foundation in Captive insurance.

Completed Certificate October 29, 2021

Lauren Graves

When I first started toward the ACI designation I was very new to the captive industry but had a strong desire to learn more and broaden my knowledge base. The ACI program has a great mix of courses, both required and optional, that allowed me to build the fundamental knowledge of the captive insurance industry. We joke that captive insurance is almost like a foreign language so the ACI program was huge in helping get the acronyms and meanings behind things down, as well as how everything fits together/ what everyone’s role entails (ie. brokers, service providers, regulators, etc.). What makes the ACI/ICCIE so awesome is that it is also taught by industry professionals, so you are learning from and building connections with the people that you work with and are peers in the industry.

Completed designation January 19, 2018

Cathy Gray

As a regulator, I found the ICCIE program to be an invaluable resource for understanding the industry from a different prospective.  The course material is relevant and challenging, and the experience itself is quite rewarding.  This program not only enhanced my understanding of captive insurance, but allowed me to make connections with other industry professionals that will last throughout my career.

Completed designation: December 8, 2015

Sid Gray

Going through the ACI program has been very rewarding. I’ve gained a better understanding of the many areas of running an effective captive insurance company. I value the knowledge acquired by taking these courses and will use this information daily.

Completed designation: July 15, 2016

Alicia Green

I found the ACI programme extremely beneficial and helpful in part to my role at the IFC.  I thought it would be a great idea to have a specialist on the team to contribute on a strategic level to propel the sector forward and serves as  an additional advantage with regards to enhancing our pool of resources directly in the IFC.  Overall the program has definitely help in providing meaningful knowledge and a better understanding of the Captive Industry as a whole and has allowed me to further my commitment to my role as Marketing Manager where I am charged with promoting and marketing captives on behalf of the BVI, one of the many sectors under the IFC’s remit. I would like to applaud the ICCIE organization for putting together this detailed programme as it includes training on every aspect of the captive process.  It surpassed my expectations and my objective for participating were definitely challenged and accomplished.

Completed designation: February 24, 2014

Gary Gresham

I’ve been in the insurance industry for 20 years, but new to captive world, thus the ICCIE/ACI program was a great way to learn about the captive industry and also an opportunity to interact with other captive professionals, either because they were instructors or fellow students. It is a great program.

Completed designation: May 28, 2013

Kathy Grisham

When introduced to the captive insurance industry in 2015, I was so excited and wanted to learn everything there was to know. When my director told me about ICCIE and offered the opportunity to enroll in the program, I couldn’t get in fast enough. I am extremely proud of my ACI designation.

Completed designation June 7, 2018

Erin Hackett

Participating in the ICCIE ACI program allowed me to become a more well-rounded professional in the captive insurance industry.  The content was well organized and very relevant to me as an accounting professional.  I really enjoyed the instructors and their firsthand knowledge of the industry and look for to continuing education programs to keep me informed of changes in the industry.

Completed designation May 18, 2018

Syed Hadi

The ICCIE designation program is of great value. It is an excellent tool for in-depth education on captives and the insurance industry. Although I have been in the captive industry for more than six years, the ACI designation program was still an enormous help for me to understand working on a worldwide captive level. I will recommend this program for professionals at all experience levels.

Completed designation: December 23, 2008

Daniel Hansen

The ACI program offered by ICCIE provides a solid foundation for anyone currently practicing or new to the captive professional services industry. Real world knowledge taught by practicing industry professionals.

Completed designation: March 28, 2012

Jennifer Hawkins

I had been in the captive industry a number of years when the ICCIE program was implemented and took part in the inaugural class. I found the instruction excellent in reinforcing knowledge I already had and very helpful in educating me on some nuances of captive insurance I was not as familiar with. I’m fortunate to be part of a company that places strong emphasis on the professional development of our employees and have found the program to be very beneficial in my career and duties.

Completed designation: July 27, 2006

Mercedes Hendricks

As a CPA in public accounting, understanding complex insurance topics helps me to gain a competitive advantage by providing value to my clients beyond the traditional assurance and tax services. The Associate in Captive Insurance (“ACI”) designation course offered by the International Center for Captive Insurance Education (“ICCIE”) provided me with the ground work necessary to understand where captives came from, how they work, and what issues are currently affecting their future direction. All of the courses are taught by professionals with expansive knowledge and experience working in the captive insurance industry. With this knowledge, I can now confidently consult with my clients and guide them in the right direction. Not only does this consulting arrangement provide extreme value to my clients, it also provides a nice financial addition to my current CPA practice.

Completed designation: August 12, 2015

Geoff Heyl

ICCIE continues to be the gold standard for captive insurance education.  I have enjoyed being a part of the program and find the continuing education courses valuable. Anyone looking to gain a better knowledge of alternative risk transfer should consider ICCIE!

Completed designation May 12, 2016

Renee Hieb

I found the ICCIE courses to be informative, challenging and ultimately enhanced my Captive Insurance knowledge.  Looking forward to utilizing my ACI in my future career goals.

Completed designation December 30, 2020

Evorna Hodge

This is the most informative insurance course I’ve completed to date. It was extremely relevant to my role as Regulator as it has given me a lot of knowledge and understanding about the use of captives. I am also more aware of the particulars of captives and the knowledge acquired has added to my capacity as a supervisor of captive insurance companies.

Completed designation: January 28, 2015

Trevecca Hodge

Enrolling in the ICCIE program provided me with an opportunity to gain an in depth understanding of the captive insurance  sector from qualified knowledgeable and experienced instructors.  At the BVI Financial Services Commission we regulate captive insurance companies and the ACI designation assists me when assessing captive insurance company applications for licensing as well as with ongoing supervision.The learning method for ICCIE was spot on; it was easy to log  on from my location without any disruption to my daily routine to attain the ACI designation.

Completed designation: June 22, 2009

George Hofmann

As a State Regulator new to the insurance industry and also one who had never even heard the word “Captive” before, I found this curriculum  extremely helpful in giving me a well rounded understanding of the Captive Insurance Industry.  I encourage others to become involved with ICCIE and its courses, the topics are great and teachers well versed in the industry.

Completed designation April 29, 2024

Jeff Horner

I found the ACI Designation program to be a very well organized educational program. The material was relevant to the captive industry and my particular role as a captive owner. The process was very organized and well laid out and delivered in an efficient manner. The instructors who are experts in their respective areas delivered the content in very understandable terms, provided relevant examples and answered questions fully. I recommend this curriculum to anyone engaged in the captive industry and wants to have a deeper understanding of  all aspects of captive insurance.

Completed designation: May 16, 2016

Karen Hsi

I enjoyed going through the ACI designation program, and believe it provides valuable classes to help you build your fundamental knowledge of captive insurance. It was not only a great program to further my education on the industry, but also a wonderful way to expand my professional network with instructors and fellow classmates.

Completed designation January 29, 2021

Lubna Al Humoud

The ACI designation program is the appropriate tool for in-depth education on captives. I found the ICCIE courses very useful and they will help me participate in developing the concepts and legal framework for captives in Jordan.

Completed designation: July 28, 2009

Carolyn Humphrey

The ICCIE program was a great way to learn new skills, current insurance, tax and accounting information, and to meet peers in the industry. I found the quality of instructors was very high, and the program was well run. The courses are at a level that is suitable for newcomers to the captive field, to get them to a more intermediate level. I look forward to more continuing education electives or teleconferences that are aimed at complex issues or current trends that are more suited to the experienced ACI designee.

Completed designation: July 10, 2009

Laura Hurlton

Since I’ve been working in the Captive Industry for over 10 years and have a strong educational background, I was pleasantly surprised to learn as much as I did.  I learned a lot, especially in the areas of underwriting, reserving, and investments – the program covered very relevant and specific topics to our industry.  Whether starting out or wanting to learn more, I highly recommend this program!

Completed designation November 18, 2018

Ashish Jain

As a physician member of a med-mal RRG, the knowledge about ART is invaluable. Not only do I have a better understanding of the nuts and bolts of my insurance company but I now have the fundamentals to explore growth opportunities in the field of insurance. From risk management to tax treatment, the ICCIE designation track covers it all. The designation is well worth the cost. I look forward to taking additional ICCIE courses relevant to my interests. I would recommend the program to anyone interested in captive insurance.

Completed Designation: June 29, 2011

Bernard Jenkins

Going through ICCIE for the ACI designation has been highly beneficial both educationally and professionally. Being involved in discussions and classes with very talented people in the captive and alternative risk arena has provided me with an abundance of knowledge. I would definitely recommend the designation for anyone looking to further their acumen and career in the captive world.

Completed designation: August 31, 2010

Samantha Jones

The ACI program has allowed me to perform my captive insurance role with greater confidence! Working as a captive owner for a large, global manufacturing organization, part of my role is to be able to educate stakeholders on the utilization of our captive. Through the ICCIE courses, I now have the knowledge needed to discuss captive concepts or answer questions as they arise within my organization. Thanks to the ICCIE staff and expert instructors for investing time and resources to support those of us in the industry!

Completed designation: March 15, 2023

Linda Jordan

When I first got into the captive world, I didn’t know where to start.  As soon as I heard about the ICCIE program, I  jumped into it right away. I knew the program would give me the most knowledge in full scope within the shortest period time. I was right.  Now I am full of confidence to present captive ideas to my clients. I not only have the passion about captive insurance, but also want to build a new career around it.

Completed designation: May 27, 2016

Miles Brooks, Jr

The ACI program is necessary for anyone who seriously wants to understand the captive industry. It gives you in depth knowledge of everything you need to know from starting and operating a captive, to understanding trends, loss ratios, and all other things actuaries can create. I am thankful for ICCIE creating this designation program, and I am happy I was able to be a part of the program.

Completed designation June 16, 2020

Matthew Kahn

Overall I would say it was a great experience and I learned a ton of applicable information from the various courses.

Completed designation: August 12, 2015

Ryan Kaminski

Being new to this industry I did not know a whole lot, but in the ACI program I greatly improved my knowledge in the Captive Insurance field. I am very grateful for all that I learned.

Completed designation June 25, 2021

Aidan Kelly

Achieving my ACI designation was important to my professional development. Having over 20 years of international insurance and captive experience prior to relocating to the United States in 2008, working through the various ICCIE courses, assignments and homework gave me a fresh perspective on the operation of US captives. The interaction with course instructors, fellow students and of course, the ICCIE team was a great networking experience. I would wholeheartedly recommend the ACI courses to all captive professionals to ensure we all remain qualified to cater to the needs of our clients and the wider insurance industry.

Completed designation: January 14, 2013

Rennie Khan

The program is very well designed and structured for the working professional. It gives you the option to take the courses at various intervals throughout the year. I also thought it was helpful how the optional section of the program was structured, it gave me the benefit of focusing more on the accounting aspects of a captive. The ability to listen to recorded lectures during the course, when an urgent meeting arose, was very helpful and the ability to refer to these lectures after the course, for revision, was also an asset. I would recommend this course for anyone entering or currently working in the captive industry.

Completed designation: March 10, 2014

Jan Klodowski

I very much appreciated the education I received in taking the ACI designation program. The program provided an introduction to some very complex insurance concepts and provided clarifying information on other aspects of alternative risk transfer techniques. The people teaching the program are gifted and skilled. I really feel fortunate to have taken this designation and applaud ICCIE for creating this wonderful vehicle for education.

Completed designation: March 10, 2009

Bradley Koland

Tremendous breadth and depth of subject matter.  I was able to apply much of my learnings in short order – to my employers benefit.

Completed designation April 27, 2021

Alex Korb

ACI program was an enjoyable professional journey and a great complement to my (re)insurance industry experience.

Completed designation March 12, 2019

Daniel H Kugler

The ACI designation is the only certification that is focused on alternative risk financing approaches that today’s  organizations are engaged in or considering. The designation provides a solid foundation in insurance captive operations which is not available anywhere else. The web-based approach made it extremely convenient to schedule the course work and take the exams. The materials supported the web-based sessions and I continue to use the materials in my captive operation responsibilities. I have recommended the program to fello0w risk professionals and a member of our
Risk Management Team has completed her ACI last year. I would strongly recommend the program to both individuals that are entering the captive insurance industry and to the experienced “veterans” a solid program with great instructors and a proven program for continuous learning into captives and alternative risk financing.  I believe in the program that I am an instructor in the program! Join the ranks of fellow ACI designated risk professionals!

Completed designation: September 14, 2007

Karin Landry

“The ACI program with ICCIE is a vital part of the industry and provides a firm foundation for working in captives. My experience as both an instructor and student have made a significant impact on my career, and I am always encouraging colleagues to consider the program. It further serves as a great way to attract young professionals to an industry who needs them!”

Completed designation November 16, 2010

Rachel Libowitz

I found the ICCIE program to be incredibly valuable as an introduction to the captive world. Having little prior captive insurance knowledge, the courses I took through ICCIE gave me exposure to the key areas and professions relevant for captives. From the various courses I now have an understanding of the important concepts and industry professionals that are needed to successfully run a captive insurance company. I highly recommend individuals interested in this industry to explore the ICCIE course offerings to broaden their horizons as to what other professionals / roles in the industry look like so we can all work comprehensively together!

Completed designation July 19, 2019

Albert Lietzau

The Certificate in Captive Insurance provides a tremendous foundation for professionals in the captive industry.  The teachers are top-notch and the content was timely, applicable, and substantive.  The e-classroom experience was captivating, and I’d highly recommend ICCIE to any and all in the captives field.

Completed Certificate June 9, 2017

Steven Lill

The ACI program gave me a much more thorough understanding of the captive industry as a whole. The study material and lecturers were top class. It was also great to be able to interact with the other ACI participants and collaborate on various assignments. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to further their captive insurance knowledge.

Completed designation: July 17, 2015

Domonique Linwood

Starting and completing the ACI designation was the next logical step once I entered the captive insurance industry. All the courses were superbly taught with great insight and the interaction with other students and the instructors was a great help in the learning process. Through all of this, the faculty at ICCIE was always there providing assistance and reassurance at each step of the way. I look forward to the future and further courses.

Completed designation: November 20, 2012

Lucky Lippa

The ACI program not only formalizes and organizes what would be a disjointed understanding of the captive insurance process. It also facilitates networking with practice leaders in the ever growing and always evolving alternative risk financing field. I was honored to have been the 1st recipient of the Associate in Captive Insurance professional designation.

Completed designation March 31, 2005

Lucky Lippa

To me, the Associate in Captive Insurance professional designation not only provides a solid framework of the workings of the captive process but, equally important, it springboards into networking with the top professionals in the captive arena : regulators, managers, owners and more. Simply put, it enhances the legitimacy and role the captive process provides as a risk financing tool

*First ACI Recipient*
Completed designation:  March 31, 2005

Renea Louie

For any owner or captive professional, or aspiring insurance executive, ICCIE is the single most respected institution for the past twenty years, to obtain a fully credentialed comprehensive education on managing, owning, and operating a captive, no matter your field.

Completed designation:  July 23, 2010

Aaron Lubbers

The ACI program experience was excellent, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a deep dive into the captive industry.  The ICCIE team and instructors are highly knowledgably on a wide array of topics and made the content easy to navigate and understand.
Captives aren’t going anywhere, and innovation will continue to drive this market forward; there are very few places that give you the tools to be successful in this market like ICCIE and the ACI program.

Completed designation December 8, 2021

Dana Marino

The ACI program gives students an intensive overview of the different aspects of captive insurance, from investments to regulations to actuarial analysis and more. There is no other designation out there for the captive professional or individual wishing to expand their captive knowledge that offers this level of captive education with top notch industry professionals sharing their knowledge.

Completed designation May 30, 2019

Dana Marino

As a seasoned captive professional, I cannot say enough good things about ICCIE and the ACI designation – from the outstanding content and format of the program, the people I met and relationships  formed with both fellow students and educators, to the opportunities to get involved in Captive Associations post completion of my designation, this program truly helps elevate captive professionals to the next level.


Completed designation: May 30, 2019

Vaniek Martin

As a Regulator supervising Captive Companies, the Associates in Captive Insurance (ACI) designation program was beneficial towards my daily regulatory supervision activities. The program gave me knowledge and an in depth understanding of how a Captive Company operates. The program is convenient and accessible to use; the lectures are professional and well organized. Having gained this designation will be beneficial to my career. I would recommend anyone in the Captive industry to take this course.

Completed designation July 29, 2020

Allison May

The ACI program was an invaluable resource to bring me up to speed as I entered the captive space. The program provides a strong foundation to understand the industry, exposure to top industry leaders, and opportunities to build relationships with other captive professionals.

Completed designation March 20, 2019

Robert McCaw

While completing the ACI designation, I had the opportunity to work with such a diverse and talented group of people, it was inevitable that this program would springboard my comprehension of captive insurance to the next level.

Completed designation June 2, 2017

Katie McKean

After 5 plus years working as a captive manager, I decided to pursue an ACI designation to broaden my knowledge of captive insurance.  As a captive manager I spent most of my days “in the weeds” working on accounting, administration and handling client questions and requests.  The ACI program gave me a wealth of knowledge on other aspects of captive insurance such what goes into actuarial work, investment planning, different reinsurance set ups.  I have already been able to bring some of this knowledge back to my team as we continue to evolve our practice.  I recommend this program to anyone who is serious about a career in captive insurance and wanting to continue to evolve within the industry.

Completed designation December 20, 2021

Carissa McKinney

I have worked in the insurance industry for 9 years, and had a high level understanding of captives but I felt that I needed a more in depth understanding of captive concepts, terminology, and benefits.  Participating in the ICCIE program did just that.   The courses offered are of a wide variety, from courses that help lay basic concepts of captives to courses specific to a particular industry.  I was able to tailor the courses I took to fit my needs and interests.  I have recommended the ICCIE program to many of my colleagues as I feel this program is truly beneficial to anyone looking to learn more about captives, at any stage of their career.

Completed Certificate November 16, 2018

Kencil McPhee

My experience in the ACI designation program was extremely rewarding in expanding my knowledge base in the Captive arena. The program afforded me the opportunity to interact with and learn from many Captive industry professionals with varying degrees of knowledge and experience. Completing the ACI designation has helped to broaden my alternative risk financing knowledge and will hopefully allow me to positively contribute to the further enhancement of the Captive Insurance Sector within The Bahamas. I encourage other professionals who may be interested in Captives to enroll in the ICCIE program, for a fulfilling experience.

Completed designation June 4, 2021

David Mead

From the knowledge gained to the connections made, I greatly enjoyed each of the ICCIE courses completed during my pursuit of the ACI designation.  I’m sure the experience will prove invaluable during my service in the industry.

Completed designation July 21, 2023

Robert Meetz

The ICCIE program provides a 1st class captive insurance education program and quality continuing education program that has helped me stay on top what is current in the captive insurance industry.

Completed designation: July 19, 2013

Scott Meise

As a risk management professional, I was surprised to see how few other risk managers were in the program.  More risk managers should consider pursuing the Associate in Captive Insurance.  Captives are an indispensable tool for risk managers to effectively finance risk, and it would behoove any risk manager to educate themselves on the value of captives as a means to optimize their risk financing structure to lower their organization’s total cost of risk.  The program helped clarify what is and what is not possible through captives, and as a risk management professional, being informed of your options is critical to success.

Completed designation October 3, 2016

Jack Meskunas

I started working with captives in 1991.  I think–like most Financial Advisors–almost “by accident.”  I was fascinated  by captives and the services they provided their insureds, and was hungry from the start to learn more.  Almost everything I learned about the business was from business contacts and the deep (three-decade) long friendships I have developed in the space.  Then by attending conferences in Bermuda and Cayman (does anyone remember “The Bermuda Angle” as it used to be called) and when the Cayman Captive Conference was held at the Westin?

Along came ICCIE, and numerous discussions with Mitch at the conferences and encouragement from people in the business like Lesley Thompson, Robert Paton, Michael Woodroffe, Kevin Poole, Ian Bridges, Paul Macey, and so many others!

After getting approval from Oppenheimer, I set off on this about 16 months ago and I have to say that while I always thought of myself as a “student of the business” I was amazed how much I learned and how the courses brought together so many concepts (and lots of jargon!) that I know will make me a more aware, informed and useful advisor!

Completed designation June 5, 2020

Jerry Messick

Elevate believes in the ACI platform, not only for the valuable education it provides on a current basis , but for the continuing development of our staff for the future.  The ACI program is an investment that will provide a lifetime of return.

Completed designation: August 3, 2016

Stephen Michalski

The ICCIE program of study is informative, challenging and intellectually stimulating. I recommend this pursuit whether you are a seasoned professional in the traditional market place or just starting out in the captive environment. The instructors are first rate.

Completed designation: December 06, 2005

Steve Mikhlin

ICCIE and the ACI designation are ideal for busy risk managers and insurance professionals who need an in-depth and practical  understanding  of captives.  With a comprehensive curriculum, accomplished and very capable instructors who are masters in their respective disciplines, and accommodating and professional staff, the ACI designation is a great investment.

Completed designation October 18, 2017

Noah Miller

I am immensely grateful to the instructors who guided me throughout my journey to achieve the Associates in Captive Insurance designation. Their unwavering support, wealth of knowledge, and commitment to fostering a deep understanding of captive insurance have been instrumental in shaping my experience. With heartfelt thanks, I step forward into the industry, armed with insights that will undoubtedly set me apart.

Completed designation August 9, 2023

Ryan Scott Mitchell

The Associate in Captive Insurance designation program is a stand-out for those considering a career in captive insurance. The professors are talented, committed and genuinely caring; their lent for sharing their expertise and experience in unmatched in the industry. The support of the program staff, great online classroom setting, and the many other unique benefits all streamlined the educational process. The ICCIE staff clearly go to great lengths to make their students’ environment comfortable and well-equipped to focus on learning. While it is in no way an easy program, the intelligent arrangement of the courses makes it manageable to pull off a full-time career at the same time. I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to grow their alternative risk management knowledge.

Completed designation: July 19, 2013

Elise Mochizuki

Ever since my high school internship project in captive formation, I dreamed about the ACI designation. Thanks to the ICCIE and the Harry House Captive Insurance Full Designation Scholarship Award for making that dream come true as a college student after just 3 months of concentrated effort!

Completed designation December 26, 2023

Bridget Morris

The ACI program was fantastic for someone like me who was new to the industry. As an investment advisor, captive insurance is a niche market  and I have learned that you have to be able to speak and understand the language. I would not have been able to accomplish that without participating in this program. It is a very structured, detailed overview of captive insurance taught by long-standing captive veterans.  I highly recommend it to anyone serious about working in this industry.

Completed designation: May 12, 2015

Yolanda Moss

I am absolutely thrilled to have completed the ACI designation; the past year has gone by in a whirlwind but I found the ICCIE courses particularly interesting. Insurance at its core is the same: it is simply a mechanism to transfer risk. What the courses showed me is a new facet to the industry, which truly is a broad field. And, of course, I got a greater appreciation for just how widely regulations differ between jurisdictions. I’m so grateful to have been afforded this opportunity, and I am particularly thankful that J. S. Johnson was so accommodating. Through our broker affiliations I already have been able to put my knowledge to use, and I anticipate that The Bahamas will again be seen as a worthy captives domicile in years to come.

Completed designation: July 15, 2016

Rebecca Muckelvaney

As a senior executive at Strauss Global, LLC and Director of Hamilton Captive Management, Ltd., one of the foremost and most recognizable leaders in the captive management field, I know first hand how my Associates in Captive Insurance helped me achieve lifetime career goals, be at the forefront of innovation, and lead the next generation of captive all-stars in our organization to new heights. All of this possible because of the wonderful education earned through ICCIE!

Completed designation February 28, 2017

Susan Muscat

The ICCIE program has been a wonderful experience. The educational courses strengthen my knowledge in many key areas of captive management even after many years as a captive manager. The best experience was working on case studies with other professionals, such as attorneys, auditor regulators and captive managers. It’s enlightening to see how each of us approached case studies from very different perspectives.  The evolving regulatory environment and fast changing risk landscape made our discussions all the more stimulating.  The insight I gained from ICCIE education allows me to better service my captive clients.  Whether you’re a recent college grad or an insurance industry veteran, ICCIE has something to offer you.

Completed designation January 5, 2018

Elyssa Nagle

Participating in the ACI program through ICCIE helped open my eyes to new ways to think of all of the working parts of managing, owning and providing services to a captive. As an auditor, I was very in tune with the numbers side of the operations before joining, but this program has helped me develop better relationships with my clients by gaining a better understanding of the management side and the problems management faces as part of operating a captive. Having better conversations with clients to help problem solve has allowed me provide a better service to the captive clients that I serve, and I owe this better understanding to the knowledge I gained through the courses with ICCIE.

Completed designation June 9, 2017

Sarah Nestor

Being new to the Captive Industry, the ACI curriculum gave me a good overview of Captive Insurance. The biggest positive of the course was that the ICCIE provided some of the most recognized names in captive insurance as lecturers and I got to interact with these lecturers via live online tutorials.

Completed designation: July 19, 2013

Brittany Nevins

ICCIE has given me the vocabulary to understand the nuances when I’m speaking with Vermont’s captive insurance companies and service providers.

Completed designation: January 24, 2024

Daniel Nguyen

I graduated from Champlain College in 2012 with BS in Accounting and I started working in captive industry since my graduation.  I have approximately 14 year experiences in captive management service, but the ACI designation program and the ICCIE courses provide rich concepts and information of captive insurance.  The program is very useful and providing overall knowledge of how to form and operate captive insurance companies. I highly recommend this ACI program to everyone who would like to explore further captive insurance knowledge.

Completed designation:  January 20, 2016

Andrew Niemi

One day I asked our captive manager what the ACI designation stood for on their signature block. They explained it and the course offerings available through ICCIE. Having been involved in owning and managing a captive for several years, I was intrigued by the idea of gaining greater expertise specific to the industry. The classes proved to be very beneficial to many facets of running our captive. Some of the decisions I am making for our captive today, are as a direct result of things I learned in my classes. I highly recommend the designation for captive owners.

Completed designation: March 3, 2023

Frank Noyes

I have been the proud recipient of the ACI (Associate in Captive Insurance) for the past 6 years. The course of study I found to be quite rigorous, as are the subsequent continuing ed classes. However, the instruction and interaction with my fellow students I’ve found to be exceptionally worthwhile in gaining a broad perspective of the captive industry. I would encourage any who are considering the studies toward the designation to forge ahead…they will not be disappointed. In addition, I cannot say enough about ICCIE’s staff, Mitch Cantor and his colleagues. They are extremely helpful and always attentive to the designation students and designees’ needs.

Completed designation: July 16, 2007

Orla O’Regan

The ACI program is a very interesting, enjoyable and informative. I would highly recommend the course.

Completed designation December 13, 2018

Ian Oakley

The ACI designation has been a fascinating and relevant journey into the complex world of captive management and provided insight into the value and establishment of the ever increasing use of this risk transfer mechanism. As a reinsurer of many captives the increased knowledge and understanding of clients use and goals is extremely useful as an aid to design and tailor reinsurance products to further benefit the client. The designation gives an overall knowledge of the reasons for establishing captives through to deriving ultimate benefit through sensible and conservative financial management and keen awareness of risk and ways to manage risk, focusing on exceptional results. It also provides a clear guide to accounting, business ethics, alternative risk financing methods – including reinsurance – and how to balance risk appetite through the commercial cycle. The ever increasing options being provided allow for either specialization on a particular area of captive management or to gain an overall macro view of the potential fiscal advantage to be gained.

Completed designation
: May 12, 2010

Eric Pach

The ACI curriculum will expand your perspective on the vast world of captive insurance and give you the tools to use it for success.

Completed designation March 3, 2017

Jenni Pant

The ACI designation is a great educational opportunity!  It has assisted me throughout my career, and ICCIE does a phenomenal job of offering relevant course and webinar options.  Education (and continuing education) is key to successful career development, and ICCIE is pivotal partner to the Captive Insurance Industry in that regard.

Completed designation May 15, 2015

Gina Papadakis

The anticipation of the official email to be received today. After a long course of study, the achievement of my international designation in captive insurance is here!  By far the greatest professional achievement at this moment. This program challenged me in so many ways, had me work harder than ever.  Everyone at ICCIE is helpful. Angela Gale gave me strong words encouragement when I was ready to discontinue. My classmates were from all over the world which made the experience amazing. To have achieved this designation means so much to me.

Completed designation: February 13, 2015

Kristen Peed

The coursework that I completed during the ACI designation was invaluable to me and my company as a new captive owner.  Not only did it provide education and best practices around captive operations – it also gave me the opportunity to meet with other industry professionals and expand my network in this area.  It was well worth the investment of my time and my company’s money!

Completed designation July 5, 2023

Gregory Petrowski

The program was very enjoyable and provided a lot of valuable industry information, even for someone who has been in the industry as long as I have.

Completed designation: November 16, 2010

Brenda Pickering

Upon completion of my ACI designation in 2009, the knowledge I have gained has helped me tremendously in my career working for a captive manager in the British Virgin Islands. At first, I was very skeptical about the online material but with the ACI designation program, I was able to obtain a vast amount of information. As the captive market becomes more rigorous and complex, I would recommend ICCIE and the ACI program as a learning tool for anyone who is involved in the captive industry. It is useful in my day-to-day working environment with our clients.

Completed designation: June 12, 2009

Lisa Poulin

“I found the ICCIE program to be very fulfilling.  Obtaining the ACI designation was a great way to strengthen and expand my captive knowledge, and to provide me with a well-rounded captive education.  It also allowed me to meet captive professionals in others fields that I continue to interact with today.”

Completed designation December 22, 2008

Maxime Poulin

I would strongly recommend the ICCIE ACI Program. In the current state of the market, as a broker, even though a Captive is not always the chosen solution in the end, we need people around the table who are suited to have the conversation with the client, and that is exactly what the Program provides without a doubt.

Completed designation March 28, 2022

Steven Price

The classes were interesting and informative. A must for a beginner with captives!

Completed designation: February 21, 2013

Lawrence Prudhomme

The journey through the ICCIE designation was a very pleasant one. It is a well-designed and well-executed program. The curriculum was very comprehensive and relevant to the industry. Regardless of how long you have been involved with captive insurance, there is new information to learn and the designation provides a good review of familiar concepts. I would recommend the ICCIE designation to anyone involved with captive insurance.

Completed designation: November 16, 2010

Alexis Psihogios

The ACI program allowed me to expand my knowledge of the Captive Industry. Through teachers and other students I learned that Captive Insurance is a global language.

Completed designation February 17, 2022

Scott Ray

My company has just set up its first captive and, having been through the ACI program, it provided me with specific knowledge about captives, and I was able to begin immediately putting it to practical use.  The set of courses one takes leading up to an ACI designation can benefit anyone in Risk Management no matter if you’re just starting out or a seasoned veteran.

Completed designation November 17, 2017

Jordan Ready

The ACI designation has already been an incredible help to me in my position in the captive industry.  It’s the only educational program that really delves deeply into the captive environment, and has been invaluable in my own development in this arena.  The coursework is challenging but accessible, and the live online classes present the perfect opportunity to collaborate with instructors and peers.

Completed designation: May 29, 2014

Samantha Reckner

When I first entered the captive industry I felt there was so much to learn about the many different aspects of captive insurance. The ACI program allowed me to learn from professionals in the industry who are all very knowledgeable and experienced in their fields. The curriculum was very comprehensive and has helped me to better service my clients as a captive manager.

Completed designation: July 22, 2022

Brenda Reddick

As a property & casualty actuary, my involvement with captives tends to center around financials. Working through the ACI program was a great way to gain an understanding of captives from the perspective of the captive manager and captive owner, creating a perspective that benefits both myself and my clients. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a deeper understanding of the captive insurance industry.

Completed designation November 29, 2013

Kimberlee Reese

What a great experience. ICCIE has designed the ACI program to expand the knowledge of even those who have multiple years of experience in captive insurance. The instructors are the best in the industry who provide you with both a solid foundation of key concepts as well as offering you new perspectives of how captive insurance helps an organization manage risk.

Completed designation December 30, 2020

Adam Rekerdres

If you want a complete understanding of captive insurance, then the ACI designation is the only way to go. You will learn about all facets of captive insurance and you have access to some of the most prominent professionals in the industry.

Completed designation: September 25, 2013

Nate Reznicek

The ICCIE ACI & CCI programs provide a fantastic opportunity to learn from experienced captive professionals with recipients providing credibility and competitive advantages to their respective organizations.  I highly recommend agencies that are truly interested in participating in the captive industry enroll in an ICCIE program to demonstrate a commitment to the industry and bring credibility to your service offerings.

Completed designation September 13, 2017

Andrew Rhea

Having recently completed the requirements to obtain the ACI designation, I am very excited to join the ACI Alumni Network. I found the curriculum to be very challenging and it has greatly expanded my knowledge on the use of captives as well as on other alternative risk management options. There is no other place where someone can gain as much access to this information, as well as, learn from so many experts in the captive world. I would strongly encourage both those new to the captive industry, as well as veterans, to go through the program.

Completed designation: February 1, 2013

Charo Richardson

“The ACI programme provided a unique opportunity to learn in-depth from seasoned professionals within the captive insurance industry. It facilitated the enhancement of my knowledge of the inner workings of captives and of insurance in general. The electives allowed me to tailor my learning experience and, having an accounting background, I was more than happy to dig into the numbers and gain a better appreciation of insurance accounting. The topics discussed were practical, relevant and timely, and the group assignments led to invaluable networking. I am now a better-positioned Regulator after having completed this course. I am grateful to ICCIE for providing this amazing opportunity!”

Completed designation June 15, 2014

Colin Robinson

Having gone through the ACI program as a student and now having the opportunity to act as an instructor, I know that the ACI program should be a key part of the education for our industry. Achieving the designation allows you to gain both theoretical and practical experience that will benefit yourself, your clients, and your colleagues.

Completed designation February 11, 2009

Andy Roderique

I could not be more grateful for the experience that ICCIE provided.  The opportunity to listen and learn from some of the most well respected and versed members of our industry is invaluable.

Completed certificate: May 12, 2023

Elizabeth Rohlfs

The ACI designation program with ICCIE was a great opportunity for me to build a strong foundation of knowledge in the captive insurance industry. As a captive manager, I am able to better service our clients and my company with a stronger understanding of captive basics.

Completed designation November 30, 2020

Kimberly Rohr

The CCI program was my first official content introduction to the Captive arena. I had recently accepted a promotional opportunity in my company to run one of their captives. I have a background in Accounting and am a CPA but never interacted with Captives until now. The CCI program has been a fantastic compliment to my new role. The program content nicely aligns with how our Captive was designed and currently operates. The program has also provided some great new ideas on how we can enhance our Captive experience. Excellent experience!

Completed Certificate program: June 10, 2022

Sarah Rollins

The ACI designation program allowed me to enhance my understanding of accounting for captives within my current role and provided me a better understanding of the intricacies of the captive insurance industry throughout the areas that I do not have direct experience. I believe the designation and continuing CPE courses will be an asset to me as I continue to develop within the industry.

Completed designation: November 2, 2015

Regan Rothery

I came to ICCIE on my first day in the captive industry. The classes and instructors did such a great job of relaying the intricacies of this industry in a way that was digestible and approachable. I would highly recommend anyone entering the captive space to take the ACI designation.

Completed designation: July 13, 2015

Daniel Seman


The ACI program is very comprehensive and guided by top industry experts. Whether the student is new to the insurance industry or a multi-year veteran, all students will increase their skills and knowledge by succeeding in the ACI program. This program will improve all folks in the insurance industry, not just captive focused members.

Completed designation: January 19, 2011

Joanne Shaver

ICCIE’s Associate in Captive Insurance (“ACI”) is the premier certificate program for the captive industry.  I completed the program back in 2013 and keep my certificate up to date because of its reputation in the industry.  ICCIE is the only organization in the US that is singularly focused on providing captive insurance education to the industry.  The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and offer real world examples through case studies that make it easy to understand and carry over into real life.   I highly recommend the ACI program to anyone considering it, whether new to the industry or a seasoned veteran looking to enhance their knowledge.

Completed designation June 20, 2013

Peter Shaw

The certification in Captive Management has been a valuable tool for me as an insurance executive as well as a CFO Consultant with B2B CFO ®.  As a long term insurance CFO my radar would go up every time I was asked to review a program with a captive embedded.  The captive had a reputation as a work around as opposed to a legitimate insurance alternative.  The certification process allowed me to understand all of the necessary and legitimate uses of captives, which I believe are here for the long term.  Any company that is committed to reduction in its total cost of risk, and has an insurance program large enough to cover the cost of the program, should seriously consider the benefits of using a captive in their program.  As a B2B CFO® there are many companies that need guidance on the use of captives and the purpose they serve.  With few exceptions, they are not designed for tax reduction or avoidance, they are designed to improve profitability and improved risk financing.  I am glad that I made the investment in the certification and intend to maintain that investment  through continuing education.

Completed designation October 22, 2014

Mark Shiels

I didn’t realize Captives could be so captivating. I thought  the caliber of the instructors was excellent. Not only did I learn about captives, but I forged new professional relationships that  I will always value.

Completed designation: May 21, 2014

Samit Shrivastava

Challenging yet exciting’ defines my experience of the ACI program. The Harry House scholarship came as a pleasant surprise in August 2008. The start was a bit bumpy; I sailed through due to guidance and support from ICCIE.

Completed designation: July 29, 2011

Tracy Snow

Overall, I had a positive experience in the program.  I found it both challenging and rewarding.  Just prior to entering the captive industry and the ICCIE program, I had heard the term “captive insurance,” but didn’t know much about it.  The ICCIE program has provided a solid foundation and helped me understand that alternative risk transfer is an ever evolving concept with seemingly endless applications. As a result, career-long learning is a must and ICCIE is great place to start and continue your captive education.  It would’ve taken years to learn what I learned about captives and the industry without ICCIE and the ACI program.  Thanks ICCIE.

Completed designation: June 3, 2016

David Snowe

I found the ICCIE curriculum to be excellent and challenging.  It was nice to specifically learn about the operations of different aspects of the captive industry, versus the broader concepts (applicable to insurers and the larger insurance industry) taught in more traditional educational programs.  Also, having instructors who work within the captive industry brings an added level of expertise and experience to the curriculum.

Completed Certificate January 24, 2020

Eric Stafford

This was a very informative series of courses.  The series gave me a lot of useful knowledge that can be used with my current and future clients looking to join or start a captive.  The diverse background of the students and instructors really added to the content!

Completed certificate: January 26, 2024

Jennifer Stalvey

I entered ICCIE and the captive world at the same time. Coming from a forensic accounting and fraud background, I understood when I accepted an analyst position in the TN captive section that getting up to speed quickly on captives was essential. We are a young domicile, committed to creating a friendly, efficient and reliable regulatory team. Our director, Michael Corbett, requires all new employees to enroll in the ICCIE program. And I’m so glad he did. I am now very familiar with the terminology, captive types and forms, service provider roles and responsibilities, regulation, tax and accounting concepts and reporting—and, of course, those loss triangles. I would highly recommend anyone working within the captive space to complete the ICCIE program. It is not easy, but well worth your time and effort!

Completed designation: July 10, 2014

Enoch Starnes

The ICCIE courses have provided me with a fantastic opportunity to both learn directly from captive industry experts and connect with other professionals seeking a similar understanding.  I’ve found that my instructors’ ability to tie the lectures into real world examples has been extremely helpful in grasping the material.

Completed Certificate May 30, 2019

The ACI program at ICCIE offers a phenomenal opportunity for anyone wanting to learn about the captive insurance industry or strengthen their captive insurance knowledge.  Both the staff and instructors create an enjoyable and enlightening environment, which invites discussion between the students.  I’m very excited to apply what I’ve learned from ICCIE moving forward.

Completed designation April 27, 2020

Marcy Van Stee

The ACI designation provided a well-rounded education that has led to a greater understanding and appreciation for working in the captive insurance industry. I was impressed with the high caliber of instructors that facilitated a thoughtful and collaborative approach to learning.

Completed designation: March 21, 2022

Angela Stoddard

The ACI designation through ICCIE is a wonderful program. The instructors for the core and elective classes are industry experts in their fields ranging from accounting, tax, actuarial science, insurance, and legal work. The course content matter is engaging and challenges you to think outside of the box. ICCIE provides a depth of resources that I have often referred back to in my daily tasks of managing captive programs. The staff is friendly, flexible and ensures that you have the best experience possible. Unlike some other programs or designations, I am actually looking forward to completing my Continuing Education credits, as the captive world is constantly evolving!

Completed designation: May 16, 2014

Tracy Stopford

The ACI designation program is a very special opportunity to acquire a substantial amount of knowledge within such a diversified field. The instructors and ICCIE staff all have gone above and beyond expectations to ensure my success throughout the designation process. I know that participating in this program will be invaluable to my career.

Completed designation: January 05, 2011

George Sumner

I found the ICCIE courses very challenging and very useful. The depth of the students and faculty was outstanding and I highly recommend the program to anyone that desires to expand their knowledge of captives.

Completed designation: March 31, 2009

Jean Sundlof

As one of the early graduates in the program, I benefited from the knowledge and experience of a diverse group of participants from all over the world.  The designation demonstrates to my current and prospective clients that I am committed to captive education.

Completed designation December 4, 2007

Gail Sydow

I found the ACI coursework challenging, stimulating and thought-provoking.  All the concepts of insurance (analyzing, evaluating, managing and financing risk) are brought into focus, along with the practical issues involved in running a successful and ethical insurance company. This is a worthwhile and interesting course of study.

Completed designation: December 18, 2013

Linda Syth

The education available through ICCIE has been exceptional. As a captive Board member, I feel better equipped to fulfill my fiduciary duty.

Completed designation: January 30, 2015

Keith Tanner

ICCIE has done an excellent job with the program from curriculum to using excellent teachers that have real world experience.  I have been working with CPAs and clients regarding Captives and ICCIE’s program has given me the knowledge needed to bring value.

Completed designation: August 13, 2015

Rodney Tanner

“The value that ICCIE brings to captive industry education can’t be overstated.  The ACI curriculum is comprehensive and exposes students to all aspects of the business.  The instructors are top industry professionals who are not only knowledgeable but able to present the material from a practical perspective.  Whether new to the industry or a seasoned professional a graduate of the ACI program is firmly prepared to move forward.”

Completed designation October 18, 2017

Leah Thomas

The ICCIE program definitely exceeded my expectations. Being able to learn from captive veterans was a priceless benefit that cannot be denied. Big thanks to all the instructors and to the ICCIE staff!

Completed designation November 18, 2019

Rashanna Thompson

The comprehensive curriculum of the ICCIE Program, being led by Captive Industry Professionals, ensured the practicality of all Subjects. The focus on Group Projects and interactive learning created opportunities to network, garner relationships and gain fresh insight from other professionals. The program was a blessing to me and I am sure that it would be beneficial to the professional development of all persons within the Insurance Industry.

Completed designation June 9, 2017

Marina Tsokur

I am based in Europe and was looking for a qualification that would provide me with some concrete details of how a captive is established and operates, and would comprehensively address concepts and aspects important to the captive operation. The ACI has delivered this knowledge, as well as an insight into the captive market in the US, applicable laws and the various types of captives that exist. The course was informative and its format offered ample opportunity to ask questions of the instructors who are experts in their fields and current captive industry practitioners.

Completed designation: January 27, 2023

Justin Vaden

The ACI program gave me a much more thorough understanding of the captive industry as a whole. The study material and lecturers were top class. It was also great to be able to interact with the other ACI participants and collaborate on various assignments. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to further their captive insurance knowledge.

Completed designation: July 24, 2015

Bacho Vega

The ICCIE program gave me a great opportunity to learn about many aspects of the captive industry.  One of my favorite things was the opportunity to interact with individuals from around the world and gain a better perspective as to how others view captives.  I truly enjoyed the experience.

Completed designation: December 18, 2013

Holly Wagner

We are fortunate that ICCIE is leading the Captive Sector by providing the resources and means for students to increase their critical understanding in all aspects of Captives.  In earning the ACI designation, I personally have improved my knowledge, depth, and breadth, as well as have broadened my network and collaborations with other Captive professionals.  The ACI instructors are second to none in their specific Captive expertise, and the ICCIE Support Specialists were professional, and responsive.  As expected the curriculum and coursework were challenging and outstanding.  Each session required team assignments which allowed me an opportunity to collaborate with and learn alongside other respected Captive professionals across the globe.

There is not a doubt that through the ACI program individuals will grow professionally, and the Industry as a whole will continue to be lead strongly by having more qualified and educated practitioners.

Completed designation: November 14, 2016

Paul Weber

I believe the best and most unique feature of the ICCIE designate program is the opportunity to collaborate on the course material with colleagues in the captive industry.  This interactive approach to understanding captive insurance makes this an invaluable learning experience.

Completed designation: December 19, 2008

Peter Wernhoff

The captive industry was completely new to me when I graduated college. The ACI program was invaluable to establishing a solid foundation of captive knowledge, which I know will benefit me throughout my career. I highly recommend anyone who is new to the industry or just looking to refresh their knowledge surrounding the captive industry to enroll in the ACI program.

Completed designation March 31, 2022

Bruce Whitmore

When I initially enrolled in ICCIE, my captive experience was primarily in for-profit organizations and group captives.  ICCIE advanced my knowledge across a wide range of captive utilizations, and helped me think more creatively across a much broader tranche of risks.  As a result, I work on much more complex transactions, and approach every project with the goal of being innovative.  I thought so highly of my experience with ICCIE that I eventually became an instructor, and have now been invited to serve on the board.  The organization has not only provided me with an opportunity for education, it has offered a way for me to pass on my knowledge of the industry.

Completed designation December 30, 2015

Carla Whitt

ICCIE provided the opportunity for me to tailor captive learning to meet my career needs.  I am grateful for the opportunity to participate.

Completed Certificate May 29, 2020

Mark Wiedeman

“Not having come from an insurance background, the curriculum for the ACI designation provided an excellent foundation on which to build my knowledge of captives and my experience within the insurance industry as a whole.  The curriculum is very comprehensive and I appreciated the experience the instructors brought to the class.”

Completed designation November 6, 2017

Melissa Wiley

As someone who has been in an out of the insurance industry in difference capacities for over two decades, I truly appreciated the quality of the ICCIE courses, the caliber of the teachers, and the breadth of subjects covered.  Unlike many online courses, the interactive nature of the ICCIE courses and the out-of-class teamwork assignments really engage students and drive home the key concepts.

Completed designation: March 7, 2023

James J. Wrynn

Earning my Associate in Captive Insurance credential through ICCIE is among the most important professional-development steps I’ve taken in my career. As both a former New York State insurance regulator and an attorney in private practice, I’ve found the knowledge gained through my coursework at ICCIE absolutely critical in solving the complex challenges that come along with working in this dynamic and rapidly evolving sector. ICCIE’s instructors are top-notch and at the forefront of the issues confronting captive insurance today, which is why the ACI designation carries with it so much respect across the industry.

Completed designation: March 06, 2006

Edward Wunderer

Going through the ICCIE program was something that certainly helped me grow my knowledge of different types of captive insurance arrangements. The instructors and students were extremely helpful with the more challenging topics. I would highly recommend going through the program if you are looking to expand your understanding of complex captive concepts and collaborate with influential professionals in the industry.

Completed designation January 5, 2018

Moh Chai Yee

The ICCIE ACI designation course has been an enriching and enjoyable journey for me. Each module was crafted so engagingly that I eagerly anticipated the next, much like following the episodes of a blockbuster series. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in mastering the essentials of the captive insurance sector.

Completed designation January 17, 2024

Tony Yu

The ACI curriculum allowed me to understand the nuts-and-bolts of captive insurance, without having any prior knowledge. I appreciated the classroom interaction and the methodical approach in grasping this otherwise very difficult area of study.

Completed designation: November 12, 2012

Pamela Zanzucchi

The ICCIE ACI Designation program provides a collaborative learning environment where students are able to interact with other captive professionals (including work on group/team projects).  The ICCIE-ACI curriculum is well rounded and provides a good framework for learning the aspects of captives and the captive industry.  Additionally, the materials used and provided throughout the courses … will also likely add to your resource library.

Completed designation: January 31, 2015

Rasa Zubielaite

ICCIE provides insurance regulators a broader understanding of captive insurance so that they can be more effective regulators.

Completed designation July 8, 2014

Michael Zuckerman

The ACI program enables the captive insurance professional to build the foundation of knowledge needed for a meaningful career. ICCIE provides a superior alternative risk financing education, impacting the quality and professionalism of our industry. The ACI is the essential captive insurance credential.

Completed designation February 5, 2015