Dear ACI Alumni,

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the ACI Alumni Network, it’s ICCIE’s association of graduated ACIs (Associates in Captive Insurance).

Now that ICCIE is in the middle of its 12th year of providing educational offerings to captive insurance and risk management professionals, the pool of individuals holding the industry’s professional designation, the ACI, has grown to be substantial.

In fact, there are more than 400 individuals who have completed the ACI worldwide, with graduates as far west as Hawaii and as far east as Jordan. While most of the ACIs are located in the U.S., there is a healthy contingent from the major offshore domiciles of Bermuda and the Cayman Islands.

The word about the ACI and ICCIE’s good reputation has spread, and the time is right to nurture an organization that will help foster continued growth for ICCIE while aiding ACI holders by enhancing the value of the work they have done to complete the program.

This is the purpose of the ACI Alumni Network.

As someone who has completed the program, you know the value of the course material and of the information gained from the program. But there are still thousands of people in and serving the industry who haven’t heard firsthand from someone about the benefit of the ACI program. That remains one of the biggest challenges for ICCIE, and this will be a task that the alumni can take on as they advocate for ICCIE.

But the Network is meant to benefit the alumni as well as the organization.

One of the initial benefits offered to all ACI Alumni Network members will be an across-the-board 10% discount on ICCIE offerings (teleconferences and modular courses offered by ICCIE). This, alone, could amount to hundreds of dollars of savings per year. In addition, as it grows, the Network will be sponsoring activities and offering special access to an Alumni-Network only portion of the ICCIE website, which will offer professional career and advice exchanges, along with CE credit tracking.

ICCIE’s mission is to be the premier provider of captive insurance education and to offer the pre-eminent professional designation in captive insurance. Because of this, ICCIE is always updating our course content.  Starting in 2015, all ACI Alumni Network members can receive a copy of the current version of ICCIE courses they have previously taken.

Membership dues for the Network are $100 per member per calendar year, renewable annually. The funds received into the Network will be used to provide these services and to benefit ICCIE.

The ACI alums are in a terrific position to help the ACI become more widely accepted and to increase in value. We hope that this end goal, and the benefits offered, will be a strong incentive for you to join the ACI Alumni Network.

Mitch Cantor
ICCIE Executive Director

Join the AAN