How to register for ICCIE courses

There are five ways to register for ICCIE classes, depending on whether you are registering for:

1) The Associate In Captive Insurance (ACI) Designation

2) The Certificate In Captive Insurance (CCI)

3) ICCIE Modular Block

4) An Individual Course

5) An Individual Webinar

*Please note: a student’s space in a specific course cannot be saved until payment has been received by ICCIE.

For additional information about ICCIE’s payment/refund policies, click here.

Other Payment Options

ACI Alumni Network

Second Tuition Payment

CE Subscription Package

The Associate In Captive Insurance (ACI) Designation

Designation students complete ICCIE’s comprehensive captive insurance education program – including its own proprietary curriculum and testing — and earn the Associate in Captive Insurance (ACI) professional designation that is acknowledged as the standard in the industry.

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The Certificate In Captive Insurance (CCI)

The CCI allows students to commit to an intermediate level of expertise in the captive industry, while also allowing for specialization in particular areas of captive knowledge.

There are three types of CCI certificates available.

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ICCIE Modular Block

An individual or company may purchase three modular course enrollments, usable by the same individual or different individuals, for a total cost of $1,800. All three enrollments must be used within one year from the date of purchase.

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ACI Alumni Network

Provide continued support to the ACI program and receive course and webinar discounts as well as other benefits.  For more information click here.

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CE Subscription Package

ACI graduates can take advantage of a prepay subscription. ACIs can prepay for their 12 credits in webinars and live sessions at Captive Conferences for $850 (non-refundable).  This can be purchased at any time, is good for three years and the credits may be used over more than one renewal window.

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