As ICCIE was being conceived, feedback from industry experts made it clear that a captive insurance education designation should be available through a comprehensive program of study.  It was with this in mind that the Associate in Captive Insurance (ACI) designation program was created, and it was intentionally designed to be challenging and complete – to assure professionals that the designation would be meaningful.  The ACI is the recognized designation of captive insurance professionals around the world.  The ACI designation tuition is $4,600. It is payable in two installments of $2,300, the first payment is due when you register for the program and the second half of the tuition is payable 12 months after the date of the initial payment or before you receive access to your fourth  course, whichever comes first.

The following are the components of the ACI Designation Program:

A. Students must complete all seven core courses (including their respective post-course exams).  These are classes comprised of ICCIE content developed by our instructors.  They are offered on-line and contain instructor-led synchronous and asynchronous components. This blended approach offers students a high degree of engagement and interaction with top-tier industry professionals and the flexibility to complete their studies according to the dictates of their busy lives.

B. Students must complete two of the following electives (including their respective post-course exams). Electives are offered through ICCIE, The Institutes, the Insurance Education Association (IEA) and American Society for Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM). ICCIE elective course tuition is included in the ACI designation tuition (up to 2 electives). All electives not offered directly by ICCIE will be paid for by the student. Electives are offered as instructor-led on-line classes, face-to-face or as independent study courses.


If you have completed any of the above courses, please click here to review our Policies page (Credit for an Already-Completed Course or “Testing Out” of a Course”)

Students have the option of substituting a Work Project for one of the electives.  If students have a work project in mind related to one of the courses, they may submit a proposal.  Projects should be related to the captive industry and be able to be completed within 180 days of topic approval.

C. Students must participate in three “hot topic” webinars offered through ICCIE, VCIA or through approved modules at captive conferences. It is expected that ICCIE will be offering a total of four – six such webinars per year.

An ACI student who cancels a webinar registration within seven days of the teleconference will be asked to pay for the replacement teleconference.

D. Upon earning the Associate in Captive Insurance Designation (ACI) students must complete a minimum of 12 continuing education credits in three years.  To learn more about the CE requirements click here