Jack Meskunas

I started working with captives in 1991.  I think–like most Financial Advisors–almost “by accident.”  I was fascinated  by captives and the services they provided their insureds, and was hungry from the start to learn more.  Almost everything I learned about the business was from business contacts and the deep (three-decade) long friendships I have developed in the space.  Then by attending conferences in Bermuda and Cayman (does anyone remember “The Bermuda Angle” as it used to be called) and when the Cayman Captive Conference was held at the Westin?

Along came ICCIE, and numerous discussions with Mitch at the conferences and encouragement from people in the business like Lesley Thompson, Robert Paton, Michael Woodroffe, Kevin Poole, Ian Bridges, Paul Macey, and so many others!

After getting approval from Oppenheimer, I set off on this about 16 months ago and I have to say that while I always thought of myself as a “student of the business” I was amazed how much I learned and how the courses brought together so many concepts (and lots of jargon!) that I know will make me a more aware, informed and useful advisor!

Completed designation June 5, 2020