Alicia Green

I found the ACI programme extremely beneficial and helpful in part to my role at the IFC.  I thought it would be a great idea to have a specialist on the team to contribute on a strategic level to propel the sector forward and serves as  an additional advantage with regards to enhancing our pool of resources directly in the IFC.  Overall the program has definitely help in providing meaningful knowledge and a better understanding of the Captive Industry as a whole and has allowed me to further my commitment to my role as Marketing Manager where I am charged with promoting and marketing captives on behalf of the BVI, one of the many sectors under the IFC’s remit. I would like to applaud the ICCIE organization for putting together this detailed programme as it includes training on every aspect of the captive process.  It surpassed my expectations and my objective for participating were definitely challenged and accomplished.

Completed designation: February 24, 2014