Holly Wagner

We are fortunate that ICCIE is leading the Captive Sector by providing the resources and means for students to increase their critical understanding in all aspects of Captives.  In earning the ACI designation, I personally have improved my knowledge, depth, and breadth, as well as have broadened my network and collaborations with other Captive professionals.  The ACI instructors are second to none in their specific Captive expertise, and the ICCIE Support Specialists were professional, and responsive.  As expected the curriculum and coursework were challenging and outstanding.  Each session required team assignments which allowed me an opportunity to collaborate with and learn alongside other respected Captive professionals across the globe.

There is not a doubt that through the ACI program individuals will grow professionally, and the Industry as a whole will continue to be lead strongly by having more qualified and educated practitioners.

Completed designation: November 14, 2016