Colin Donovan

I very much enjoyed my experience with ICCIE’s ACI designation program. The three most important things I’ve taken away from the ACI designation program are:

1. A better understanding of captive insurance industry in general. Working for an RRG in a niche market with only three lines of coverage, I’m not often exposed to the issues a large single-parent captive, for example, might face. I think I’m a better RRG manager having become familiar with other facets of the industry.

2. A better understanding of RRGs and the lines that we write. The two electives I took – Risk Retention Groups and AU66 (Underwriting Commercial Liability) – were excellent and provided a deeper understanding of the risk retention mechanism I thought I knew best. So much for the idea that I’ve already learned everything there is to know about RRGs.

3. Solid relationships with my ICCIE instructors and peers. Relationship-forming is vital in most industries and captive insurance is no exception. The contacts I’ve made and the relationships I’ve forged will help me immeasurably in the years to come.

Thanks to the ICCIE staff, sponsors and everyone else involved in creating and growing such an important program to our industry. I’ve become a better and more knowledgeable captive manager for it – and that is more important to me that the three letters I now get to put after my name.

Completed designation: August 08, 2008