Peter Shaw

The certification in Captive Management has been a valuable tool for me as an insurance executive as well as a CFO Consultant with B2B CFO ®.  As a long term insurance CFO my radar would go up every time I was asked to review a program with a captive embedded.  The captive had a reputation as a work around as opposed to a legitimate insurance alternative.  The certification process allowed me to understand all of the necessary and legitimate uses of captives, which I believe are here for the long term.  Any company that is committed to reduction in its total cost of risk, and has an insurance program large enough to cover the cost of the program, should seriously consider the benefits of using a captive in their program.  As a B2B CFO® there are many companies that need guidance on the use of captives and the purpose they serve.  With few exceptions, they are not designed for tax reduction or avoidance, they are designed to improve profitability and improved risk financing.  I am glad that I made the investment in the certification and intend to maintain that investment  through continuing education.

Completed designation October 22, 2014