Khadine Adams

My name is Khadine Adams and I am 2008 Howard University graduate, where I earned a BBA in Insurance, concentration in actuarial science. I began pursuit of the ACI designation during my sophomore year, under sponsorship from the Housing Authority Insurance Group. During my senior year, I happily completed the requirements. With no captive industry experience, I feel that the ACI designation has laid a sturdy foundation in the field for me. Nowadays, it is imperative that students supplement their university degrees with external learning such as this. My classmates and instructors were always helpful in answering any questions that I may have had. Additionally, the large amount of materials that I received throughout the coursework has allowed me build a great library of information to which I can refer. Whether you are new to the field or an industry expert, I believe that the ACI designation provides deep knowledge and insight into the captive industry, and I would recommend it to anyone who has interest in this niche market.

Completed designation: August 08, 2008