Earn TC or CE Credit at Captive Conference and Partner Organizations



Many captive conference sessions qualify for ICCIE teleconference or continuing education credit.   To receive ICCIE teleconference or CE credit participants MUST sign-in on the attendance sheet provided during the seminar and/or forward a certificate of completion to the ICCIE office upon receipt.

ACI designation students: These sessions can fulfill one, two or all three TC requirements

ACI recipients: There is no limit to the number of CEs that may be obtained through documented attendance at approved modules at captive conferences.

To receive credit for this live session, there is a charge of $100 ($75 for AAN members).  The ICCIE Office will notify you after the conference regarding methods of payment.

ACI graduates can take advantage of a CE Subscription Package  ACIs can prepay for their 12 credits in webinars, live or virtual sessions at Captive Conferences and ICCIE courses for $850 (non-refundable).
This can be broken up into (a) 12 webinar credits or (b) one ICCIE course (5-9 credits) and enough webinars/conference session to complete the 12 credits. This can be purchased at any time, and the credits may be used over more than one renewal window. (NEW)

Please see below for conferences with approved seminars.







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