John O’Brien

John J. O’Brien JD, CLU, CPCU was an attorney, expert witness and captive insurance specialist.

He wrote extensively on risk, insurance and captives insurance, addressed conferences and testified as an insurance expert on numerous occasions.


He was generally acknowledged as one of the earliest proponents of captive insurance in South Carolina and was instrumental in the formation of the Friendly Society Restored and the South Carolina Captive Insurance Association. He founded Charleston Captive Management Company which was the first captive management company in South Carolina. He sold the company to Wilmington Trust and was a board member of non-profits and captive insurance companies and an expert witness on insurance matters. He served as chairman of the board of the O’Brien Clan Foundation, on the board of ICCIE and on the boards of Leader Care Ltd., Positive Physicians Insurance Exchange, First Keystone Risk Retention Group, Inc., Red Clay Risk Retention Group, and Grand Strand Resort Insurance Company. His complete CV is located at His work and views as an advocate for independent directors for captives can be found on his blogspot