ICCIE Press Release – July 20, 2017



The International Center

for Captive Insurance Education (ICCIE)

Announces Some Big Changes


ICCIE has announced some big changes and improvements in recent months – we want to be sure you haven’t missed any of the news. Here are some noteworthy developments:

The Captive Career Center

The International Center for Captive Insurance Education (ICCIE) recently launched a new feature on our website: The Captive Career Center.

The Captive Career Center is an employment hub that offers opportunities to both employers with openings and those looking for a spot in the industry. With an interface that is both intuitive and comprehensive (with searchable fields), the center is free to both employers and position-seekers and is open to the public.

ACI Alumni Network (AAN) members receive a special benefit relative to the Captive Career Center: they will receive advance notice of job openings before positions are posted.

The URL to go directly to the Captive Career Center is:



Recognition of ICCIE Trained Organizations

ICCIE recently announced a recognition for firms that have committed to educating their employees through ICCIE or hiring ICCIE educated professionals. Such firms will be certified by ICCIE as “ICCIE Trained Organizations” and will be recognized on ICCIE’s website and – at the company’s election – may display the certification on the company’s website and marketing materials.
To qualify as an ICCIE Trained Organization, a firm must meet the following requirements:

  • At least 20% of the captive professionals in the organization must hold the Associate in Captive Insurance (ACI) in good standing; and
  • At least 30% of the company’s captive professionals must be ACIs, Certificate in Captive Insurance (CCI) holders, or currently enrolled in the ACI or CCI program.

The definition of a “captive professional” is someone who spends at least 20% of his or her time on captive insurance work and is either a licensed professional (attorney, accountant, actuary, insurance producer/agent, investment adviser/broker dealer, underwriter, etc.) or the equivalent to such a position. It would also apply to any person who has more than a de minimis ownership stake in the organization or is paid by the organization to serve as an officer or director of a captive.

It does not apply to individuals whose work is purely administrative.

A company interested in securing recognition as an ICCIE Trained Organization may apply via the application form on the ICCIE website. There is no fee for applying as an ICCIE Trained Organization or for receiving or maintaining such recognition.

The granting, or rescinding, of the ICCIE Trained Organization recognition is solely at the discretion of ICCIE, and will be based upon the information provided by applying organizations and ICCIE’s records of its matriculants. No company may use or promote itself as an ICCIE Trained Organization without ICCIE’s express written permission.

ICCIE’s recognition of a company as an ICCIE Trained Organization is not a legal representation of the efficacy or validity of a company as a captive services provider, but is an acknowledgement of commitment by the company to the captive profession and the educational achievement of its professional staff.


The ICCIE Fellow

For those in the captive world who have achieved the highest educational standards and who have also shown leadership and service to the captive industry, ICCIE recognizes such individuals with its highest level of recognition: The ICCIE Fellow.

The ICCIE Fellow designation is reserved for individuals who have attained the highest educational standard offered by ICCIE (the Associate in Captive Insurance – maintained in good standing) and who have also made a major contribution to the industry, which may take several forms.

Those who are interested in being recognized as an ICCIE Fellow should complete the application materials as directed (click here for Application Form) and return it via mail or email to the ICCIE office. A special ICCIE committee of captive insurance professionals will review ICCIE Fellow applicants on a periodic basis and determine who has qualified for the designation based on the description included in the application.


Recent Presentations at Captive Conferences

Hartley Hartman (center) and Sinead Bethel (left) receive their ACI and CCI diplomas from ICCIE Executive Director Mitch Cantor at the General Session at CICA in March.
ICCIE Graduates and Board members meet for breakfast at CICA in March.



WRCIC Board member, Renea Louie presents a $2,000 contribution from WRCIC to ICCIE at the WRCIC conference.





Grace Reinhart (middle) and Torann Bender (second from right) receive their ACI diplomas at the Western Region Captive Insurance Conference in May. Also present (l-r) are ICCIE Board member Renea Louie, conference host Ross Elliott, and ICCIE Executive Director Mitch Cantor.



ICCIE Executive Director, Mitch Cantor addresses the Kentucky Captive Association at their conference in June.


Recent ACI and CCI Recipients
The following individuals recently completed the Associate in Captive Insurance (ACI) or Certificate in Captive Insurance (CCI) professional designations:

  • Joshua Anderson, Reliamax – South Dakota
  • Torann Bender, State of Utah -Utah
  • Anita Benson, Cedar Consulting – Ohio
  • Sinead Bethel, Insurance Commission of the Bahamas – Bahamas
  • Elwood Bonimy, Private Trust – Bahamas
  • Elyssa Burgess, Johnson Lambert – Vermont
  • Erin Burke, Willis Towers Watson – New York
  • Karin Calimano, Medstar – Florida
  • Marc Escalona, Cobbs Allen – Alabama
  • Karon Fischer, Citgo – Texas
  • Linda Flanagan, Medmal – New York
  • Franz Herbert, Caledonia Series of Fortresse – Michigan
  • Cari Hutchins, Caledonia Series of Fortresse – Michigan
  • Albert Lietzau, HU Dove & Company – Maryland
  • Dana Marino, Enterprise Risk Strategies – Pennsylvania
  • Robert McCaw, RCM&D – Pennsylvania
  • Raciel Moratin, Delaware Insurance Department – Delaware
  • Jordan Mosher, Key Bank – Vermont
  • Rebecca Muckelvaney, Hamilton Captive Management – South Carolina
  • Eric Pach, Insurica – Arizona
  • Grace Reinhart, State of Utah – Utah
  • James Reyes, Citgo – Texas
  • Andrew Smith, Caledonia Series of Fortresse – Michigan
  • Trevor Spinney, Deutsche Bank – Grand Cayman
  • Rashanna Thompson, RMS Insurance – Bahamas
  • Sara Walters, Crowe Horwath – Indiana

For additional information on these or any other matters, contact ICCIE’s Executive Director, Mitch Cantor, at 802.651.9051 or mitch@iccie.org.