Press Release – January 18, 2018


As we launch into 2018, ICCIE is looking forward to a year of tremendous activity.  Just as the new year brings a number of fresh initiatives, the past year ended with a bang.  Here are some developments we would like to share with you:


Lesley Thompson Announced as ICCIE Fellow

At the Cayman Captive Forum (CCF) general session last November ICCIE Executive Director Mitch Cantor awarded an ICCIE Fellow designation to Lesley Thompson, from MaplesFS Limited.  The new designation, launched in early 2017, is reserved for those who have earned and maintained the Associate in Captive Insurance (ACI) designation, have significant experience working full time in the captive industry, and who have demonstrated significant commitment to the industry through service.  For details on the designation and its requirements, see the ICCIE website page:


ICCIE Executive Director Mitch Cantor awards the ICCIE Fellow designation to Lesley Thompson at the Cayman Captive Forum general session in November.

Congratulations, Lesley!


New LinkedIn Page to Launch Soon

ICCIE is launching its LinkedIn page soon… look for a special announcement shortly.  We look forward to helping you connect with other captive professionals and having you join us for some educational conversation and discussion.  We will also include the latest information about updates in our educational programming.

Stay tuned!


Captive Career Center — a New Advertising Opportunity

For those of you who missed it last year, ICCIE added a new feature to our website:  The Captive Career Center.

And now, ICCIE is allowing supporting organizations to sponsor the Career Center on a monthly basis.

The Captive Career Center is an employment hub that offers opportunities to both employers with openings and those looking for a position in the industry.  With an interface that is both intuitive and comprehensive (with searchable fields), the center is free to both employers and position-seekers and is open to the public.

ACI Alumni Network (AAN) members receive advance notice of job openings on the Captive Career Center.

The URL for the Captive Career Center is:

For information about this and other sponsorship opportunities, contact ICCIE Executive Director Mitch Cantor at 802-651-9051 or


ICCIE Trained Organizations – More Companies Receive Recognition    

With the coming of the new year, several organizations have been recently recognized as ICCIE Trained Organizations.  As awareness of the designation grows, we expect to announce that dozens of companies and organizations have achieved this status by early in 2018.

 Shortly ICCIE will add a page to our website that lists all of the ICCIE Trained Organizations so far recognized.  The page will be updated as we add companies to the list.

The designation of ICCIE Trained Organization was announced last year, and refers to firms that have committed to educating their employees through ICCIE or hiring ICCIE-educated professionals. Such firms will be certified by ICCIE as ICCIE Trained Organizations and will be recognized on ICCIE’s website. Additionally, at the company’s election, they may display the certification on the company’s website and marketing materials.

To qualify as an ICCIE Trained Organization, a firm mustmeet the following requirements:

  1. At least 20% of the captive professionals in the organization must hold the Associate in Captive Insurance (ACI) in good standing; and
  2. At least 30% of the company’s captive professionals must be ACIs, Certificate in Captive Insurance (CCI) holders, or currently enrolled in either the ACI or CCI program.

A company interested in securing recognition as an ICCIE Trained Organization may apply via the application form on the ICCIE website. There is no fee for applying as an ICCIE Trained Organization or for receiving or maintaining such recognition. For additional information, go to:


ACI / CCI Graduates

ICCIE Executive Director Mitch Cantor awards the ACI to Charlotte Gentry and Rodney Tanner – both from the Tennessee Captive Insurance Division — at the Tennessee Captive Insurance Association annual conference in November.



ICCIE Instructor, Dennis Silvia awards the ACI to Anita Benson – from Cedar Consulting — at ICCIE’s Anniversary Celebration in August



ICCIE Instructor and Board President, Aidan Kelly awards the ACI to Erin Burke – from Willis Towers Watson – at ICCIE’s Anniversary Celebration in August



John Andre, AM Best, ICCIE Event Sponsor awards the ACI to Jason Talley – from Risk International – at ICCIE’s Anniversary Celebration in August



ICCIE Instructor and Treasurer, Carrie Rice awards the ACI to Elyssa Burgess – from Johnson Lambert — at the Vermont Captive Insurance Association’s annual conference in August


The following individuals recently completed the Associate in Captive Insurance (ACI) or Certificate in Captive Insurance (CCI) professional designations:

  • Heber Beddes, Utah Insurance Division – Utah
  • Aaron Buzzell, CCI, Relph Benefit Advisors – New York
  • Erwin Cain, Cain Law Firm – Texas
  • Charlotte Gentry, Tennessee Insurance Section – Tennessee
  • Dana Goettsch, AIG – Colorado
  • Amy Johnson, Cover & Rossiter – Deleware
  • Terrance McClain, Tennessee Insurance Section – Tennessee
  • Steven Mikhlin, PANYNJ – New York
  • Susan Muscat, Willis Towers Watson – Vermont
  • Katherine Pham, SRS – Vermont
  • Scott Ray, BSR Trust – Arizona
  • Heather Spicer, Proassurance – Texas
  • Rodney Tanner, Tennessee Insurance Section – Tennessee
  • Brandon Taylor – Pennsylvania
  • Anne Vise, USA Risk Group – Tennessee
  • Mark Wiedeman, Utah Insurance Division – Utah
  • Robert Wright, Gunnip & Company – Deleware
  • Edward Wunderer, Oxford Risk Management Group – Maryland