Doug Borg

ICCIE elective: Healthcare Captives Overview

Healthcare Risk & Insurance Executive
Clinical Risk Management  Professional Liability Insurance Program Development  Preventive Loss Control

Healthcare and insurance professional with 25 + years of proven success in leading the development and optimization of comprehensive clinical risk management programs, the analysis and coordination of multi-line insurance programs, leveraging robust data analytics to prioritize policy and coverage improvement initiatives and introduce preventive risk assessment tools.

Areas of Expertise

 Loss Control Program Design
 Malpractice Exposure Reduction
 Insurance Program Management
 Physician/Clinician Education
 Clinical Research Risk
 Educational Design
 Regulatory Compliance
 Claims Management/Settlement Negotiation
 Serious Event Investigation
 Crisis Management Planning
 Enterprise Risk Management
 Environmental Safety
 Risk Exposure Analysis
 Risk Financing Strategy
 Contract Review
 Captive Management
 HIPAA/Cyber-Liability
 RMIS Implementation


Healthcare Captives Overview