6 CPE credits are available for the successful completion of this course

An introduction to the world of investments from a captive owner’s perspective. The course will describe the markets, asset classes, review regulation and audit issues and discuss portfolio construction and governance. Participants will gain a solid understanding of investment considerations for captive owners as well as how portfolios are set up and operated to support the captive business objectives and to enhance the captive’s financial stability.

Participants will first explore how a captive’s capital is constructed and how to appropriately invest to meet different requirements. Participants will also explore:

  • The security structure of a captive’s portfolio
  • What is the rationale to improve the captive’s portfolio returns?
  • What are the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders?

The course will then discuss the different investment options available. Students will learn how your insurance company’s long term performance is principally determined by the asset classes selected.
Characteristics and attributes of the following asset classes will be discussed:

  • Fixed Income
  • Equities
  • Alternatives (hedge funds, private equity, commodities, art, wine etc.)
  • Property
  • Cash

The course will also discuss macro issues pertaining to captives and their investment portfolios.

Students will understand key market participants, how they get rewarded, what their objectives are and how they add value, including Investors, Lenders, Regulators, Asset Managers, Broker Dealers and Custodians.

Other topics:

Understanding structural limitations:

  • How fronting carrier collateral requirements restrict investment alternatives
  • Captive loan backs to parent or its affiliates, including tax, GAAP and regulatory implications
  • Asset allocation for various sizes/types of captive as well as regulatory limitations
  • Use of portfolio computer modeling
  • Regulators point of view especially on handling of investments for an RRG
    (NAIC Model Investment Law)
  • Overview of investment and captive regulations
  • Accounting for investments (auditors perspective FAS157)


For further details please contact at ICCIE at 802-651-9050.