Live from the 2023 VCIA Conference
ICCIE presents
“Claims Management: A Look Inward and a Look Forward”
Date: Wednesday, August 9, 2023
Time: 1:30 pm. – 2:30 pm Eastern Time


Moderator: Clare Bello, VCM

Panelists: William Halligan, Agri-Service and Dusty Otwell, Clinician Assurance Inc.
Program Content:
Whether you manage your captive’s claims through an in-house team of professionals or an outsourced service provider, the claims will drive the success of your captive. So, once you have your claim team in place, should you review them periodically? YES! Claims management is a concept that is constantly evolving, especially with Covid, closed courts and backed up dockets. Staff moving to hybrid and/or remote working arrangements can change processes not just for you, but also for your claim team and defense counsel’s staff. Claim values are rising in almost every jurisdiction. Have you added facilities or a new line of coverage to your captive? How is your team adjusting to these obstacles? New regulatory reporting for claims is developing both at the State and Federal levels. Are you on top of these changes? A periodic internal review of these issues will help keep your claim program evolving and growing as your business and captive do. In this session, you will take away some tools and ideas to use for your claims team and your legal team to be sure your program, no matter its structure, is up to date and evolving with your business plans.

Learning objectives – Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Review internal audit criteria that captives can utilize to assess the current claim processes to determine if they still serve the program well.
  • List claim emerging resolution ideas as well discuss how to keep up to date with changes to the claim’s compliance laws
  • Utilize tools and concepts to develop an internal audit tool for your own captive’s claim processes
All participants must attend the webinar in its entirety to receive credit.
The following credits are available upon the successful completion
   1 ACI CE credit
   1 ICCIE Teleconference credit
CPE credits are only available through special arrangements with ICCIE
Delivery Method: Computer Only
   $100 per ACI designation graduate
   $100 per attendee from companies with employees enrolled in ICCIE
   $100 per ICCIE modular student
   $75 per ACI Alumni Network member
Designation students- this offering fulfills one teleconference requirement