Press Release – September 28, 2020

The International Center for Captive Insurance Education (ICCIE)


Big Changes at ICCIE Make ACI Maintenance More Convenient and Affordable

 ICCIE is delighted to announce some new changes to the ICCIE CE Subscription program and the ACI Alumni Network (AAN) that will make maintenance of the Associate in Captive Insurance (ACI) designation more convenient and, at the same time, more affordable.

Since the inception of ICCIE nearly 20 years ago, the ICCIE Board and Administration have been in agreement that — to be a meaningful measure of knowledge in the captive industry — the Associate in Captive Insurance (ACI) designation would need a continuing education (CE) requirement.  This CE component ensures that the holding of an ACI means a current level of expertise in the industry.  Because the captive industry is constantly morphing, adapting, and developing, a “stale” designation is not a valid indicator of current industry expertise.

For many years ICCIE has developed incentives to promote designation maintenance.  Most recently, we created the CE Subscription option — to give ACI graduates a simple, one-stop means of paying for the CE requirement.

Now, after additional discussion, ICCIE is delighted to announce two big changes to the CE Subscription package that make it even more cost-effective and convenient than before:

  1. We are lowering the full-price cost of the CE Subscription package from $1,100 to $850, which covers all 12 credits needed for the three-year ACI renewal window. This can be broken up into (a) 12 webinar credits or (b) one ICCIE course (5-9 credits) and enough webinars/captive conference sessions to complete the 12 credits;
  2. The subscription can also be paid on an annual basis, at the rate of $350/year. Under this plan the graduate is entitled to one modular course or four webinars.

At the same time, ICCIE will be increasing a major benefit of the ACI Alumni Network (AAN).

To date, the AAN membership includes a 50% discount on one ICCIE modular course.  Effective October 1, AAN membership will include a 50% discount on an unlimited number of modular courses.  This significant saving adds substantially to the value of an AAN membership.

We want to do everything we can at ICCIE to make ACI maintenance both affordable and convenient, in recognition of the importance of this aspect of the designation.  We look forward to having many of our ACI graduates take advantage of these new opportunities.

If you have any feedback to share, please feel free to contact me directly at or my direct line at ICCIE:  802-651-9051.

Mitch Cantor
ICCIE Executive Director