ICCIE Press Release


The final numbers are in, and it’s official: 2012 was the best year yet for the International Center for Captive Insurance Education (ICCIE) since its launch in 2004. With new students from around the world (including matriculants, for the first time, from Japan and the Isle of Man), ICCIE is also closing in on the mark of 1,000 total enrollments as it nears its 9th birthday in August. In other landmarks, ICCIE is contributing live presentations to the ASHRM Academy in April, it added another new elective to its list of available courses, and it continues to increase the number of industry conferences from which it broadcasts live webinars.

ICCIE at The ASHRM Academy

ICCIE is delighted to have the opportunity to partner with the American Society of Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM) to present a two-day series of seminars live at The ASHRM Academy at the Westin Dallas Galleria Hotel on April 15th and 16th. ICCIE Board President Pamela Popp will lead a team of industry experts to present two days of captive-specific educational modules. For registration and additional information, go to the ASHRM website: www.ashrm.org.


The Newest ICCIE Elective: “Captive Claims Management Best Practices & Reinsurance

Captive Claims Management Best Practices & Reinsurance, the ninth ICCIE elective (in addition to ICCIE’s five core courses) was taught for the first time in October by Donna Foti and Pamela Popp, assisted by Vincent Yezzi. The course focuses on the various options for claims management and administration for a captive program and also provides an understanding of the role of the reinsurer and reinsurance needs of a captive. This course was developed in conjunction with aVermont Workforce Employment and Training grant. The next offering of this course will be in June 2013; see the ICCIE website (www.iccie.org) for details.

More Webcasting Live From Captive Conferences

ICCIE is continuing to strengthen its partnerships with captive and industry organizations and is webcasting an increasing number of seminars live from their conferences. Previously, ICCIE had webcast educational sessions from domicile conferences in Hawaii (HCIC) and the Cayman Islands (IMAC), and industry conferences of the Captive Insurance Companies Association (CICA), and the National Risk Retention Assn. (NRRA). In 2012, ICCIE added to that list, for the first time, a webcast from the Vermont Captive Insurance Association (VCIA) conference. The next ICCIE live conference webcast will be on March 12th, from the 2013 CICA conference: “The Changing Regulatory Environment.” See the ICCIE website for future notices of ICCIE webcasts from several of the conferences coming up this summer and fall.

The ICCIE Sustainability Fund

At the beginning of 2012 the ICCIE Board established the ICCIE Sustainability Fund. The goal of this fund is to provide a layer of financial security to guard against an exceptional temporary downturn in ICCIE enrollments. The three-year fund drive has gotten off to a great start this year, and efforts will continue to add to its success through 2014. If your company is interested in contributing to the long-term stability of the captive industry’s education program, please consider contributing to this fund and contact me directly at mitch@iccie.org or 802-651-9051.

New on the Faculty

ICCIE is pleased to announce that Keith Jones of Primmer Piper Eggleston & Cramer will be joining the faculty as one of the instructors of the core course “Forming and Operating a Captive.”

Welcome, Keith!



New on the ICCIE Board

ICCIE continues to attract terrific captive insurance professionals to serve in leadership positions. At the ICCIE 2012 Annual Meeting the following individuals were voted onto its Board of Directors:

Chaz Lavelle

Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP

Louisville, KY





Justin Mead

R&Q Quest Management Services USA, LLC
Pheonix, AZ





Carolyn Rice

Johnson Lambert LLP

Burlington, Vermont




Rochelle Simons

Sound View Limited

Hamilton, Bermuda





Leaving the Board after six years of service were Tom Jones and Mike Mead.

ICCIE is excited to welcome the new directors aboard and, at the same time, express deep gratitude to Tom and Mike for their wonderful service and contributions to this organization.

Upcoming ICCIE Events

For current ICCIE students and ACI graduates: look for an ACI Alumni Network gathering during CICA in March. Keep an eye out for announcements, and check the ICCIE website for details about this networking opportunity.

Recent ACI Recipients (click here for full list)
The following individuals recently completed the Associate in Captive Insurance (ACI) professional designation:

  • Michael Alberico, Assurance
  • Susan Brault, Willis Group Holdings Limited
  • Merissa Bushey, Strategic Risk Solutions
  • Abel Contreras
  • Mathieu Garneau, Desjardins General Insurance Group
  • Anne Guillemette, Chartis Insurance
  • Matthew Iamelli, Liptz & Associates
  • Jack Ignatowitz, Citadel Risk Management
  • Irena Kaler, Robert Wood Johnson Health Network
  • Aidan Kelly, Willis Global Captive Practice
  • Domonique Linwood
  • Heath Phillips, Effective UI
  • Andrew Rhea, TN Commerce and Insurance Department
  • Danya Williams, Aon
  • Tony Yu, DSG Insurance Services Inc

For additional information on these or any other matters contact ICCIE Executive Director Mitch Cantor at 802.651.9051 or mitch@iccie.org.