9/21/2015: ICCIE Press Release:  Announcing two big initiatives: the Certificate of Captive Insurance (CCI) and the Modular Block Purchases

8/10/2015: ICCIE Press Release:  Announcing new core and elective courses.

2/26/2015: ICCIE Press Release: Announcing over 300 graduates and scholarship winners.

8/8/2014: ICCIE Press Release:  ICCIE’s 10th Anniversary Celebration and new instructors.

2/18/2013: ICCIE Press Release: Announcing ICCIE at The ASHRM Academy, Successful New ICCIE Elective: “Captive Claims Management Best Practices & Reinsurance”, More ICCIE Webcasting Live From Captive Conferences, ICCIE Sustainability Fund, New Faculty and Board Member, Upcoming Events and Recent ACI Recipients

8/1/2012: ICCIE Press Release:  Announcing new elective course, “Captive Claims Management Best Practices & Reinsurance”, more webcasting live from captive conferences, ICCIE” Sustainability Fund”, Bermuda Insurance Managers’ Association (BIMA) ICCIE Scholarship  winner, upcoming ICCIE events, new address, new staff member and recent ACI recipients

10/05/2011: ICCIE Press Release – Announcing over 200 ACI graduates, summer events, new elective on Claims and Reinsurers, Harry House scholarship recipients, ICCIE Board member changes, recent ACI recipients and ICCIE’s growing family

8/11/2011: VCIA Captive Chronicle Newsletter – ICCIE Update

3/14/2011:  List of Associate in Captive Insurance (ACI) Designation Recipients(181 recipients)

3/10/2011: ICCIE Press Release – Announcing new courses and instructors, scholarships to ICCIE in 2011 and recent ACI recipients

1/17/2011: National Underwriter P&C – Multiple Education Programs Fill Needs In A Changing RM Industry

11/16/2010: ICCIE Press Release – ICCIE at VCIA and SCCIA, Announcing two new elective courses, new board members, scholarship recipients and recent ACI recipients

8/6/2010: ICCIE Press Release – ACI Graduates, New Educational Offerings, ICCIE Scholarships in Bermuda and Upcoming Events

6/25/2010: Captive Review – The Importance of Education

4/21/2010:  ICCIE Press Release – ICCIE announces receiving CICA Distinguished Service Award, launched new elective: “Investments and Captives”, featured luncheon at WRCIC, new and returning instructors and a new ICCIE record: 17 ACI Recipients in 1Q 2010

4/21/2010: BIMA Scholarship Opportunity

3/8/2010: Risk & Insurance Online: Insurance Reaction

2/24/2010: P&C National Underwriter – CICA Honors ICCIE; EIC Captive Insurer

2/23/2010: News Guide – CICA Announces 2010 Recipients of Prestigious Captive Insurance Industry Awards

12/30/2009: ICCIE Press Release – ICCIE finished up the second half of 2009 on several high notes – celebrating with two Fifth Anniversary events, conferring a record number of ACIs, awarding scholarships to students on and offshore, and marking the receipt of some extraordinary support from the Captive Insurance Companies Association (CICA).

9/4/2009:   Bermuda Royal Gazette – Bermuda professionals receive ACI captive insurance designation

8/2009:  VCIA Chronicle Newsletter – Three ICCIE Scholarships to be Awarded at VCIA Conference and Other ICCIE News

7/29/2009:  List of Associate in Captive Insurance (ACI) Designation Recipients(111 recipients)

6/27/2009: Bermuda Captive Conference – ICCIE Scholarship Recipients

3/25/2009:  ICCIE Press Release – ICCIE announces strong fourth quarter and ended the year with a record number of new Associate in Captive Insurance (ACI) enrollees and an 18% increase in tuition income over the previous year

4/2009: IMAC Quarterly – ICCIE – I See Success

11/10/2008: ICCIE Press Release –   ICCIE announces ACI presentations, scholarship awards, and its most successful annual celebration yet

8/14/2008:   VCIA Show Daily Conference News – Crouse, White Top VCIA Awards: Captive industry celebrates those who have made a difference.

5/01/2008:  Official Journal of the Bermuda Insurance Industry – BIMA Creates New ICCIE Scholarship

4/27/2008:  ICCIE Press Release  – ICCIE announces strong enrollment, a major domicile endorsement, progress with continuing education credits and a large group of recent Associate in Captive Insurance (ACI) graduates

1/23/2008  ICCIE Press Release – ICCIE announces healthy year-end bottom line and another strong group of students completing the Associate in Captive Insurance (ACI) designation

9/09/2007  ICCIE Press Release – ICCIE announces IMAC contribution and recent ACI recipients honored at the August Anniversary Celebration in Burlington, VT

7/2007 Bermuda Connect Project – ICCIE is Leaving its Mark

5/07/2007 ICCIE Press Release – ICCIE announces new Board members, more ACI recipients, and two new scholarship opportunities

2/2007 Risk Retention Reporter – ICCIE Electives Accepted for NAIC, Other Organization Designations

8/2/2006 ICCIE Press Release – ICCIE announces link to RIMS Fellow designation, more ACI recipients, increased C-RAC participation

8/2006 Captive & Art Review – ICCIE as ABC

7/6/2006 – Rough Notes – ICCIE is Hot

4/22/2006 ICCIE Press Release  – ICCIE starts ’06 with jump in enrollment, more Associate in Captive Insurance (ACI) recipients, and an endorsement from the Cayman Islands

10/21/2005  New ACI Designation Recipients

10/17/2005 ICCIE Press Release – New schedules to accommodate Hawaii participants

First ICCIE Associate in Captive Insurance (ACI) Designation Recipient