Live from the Vermont Captive Insurance Association 2018 Annual Conference 

“Blockchains & Distributed Ledger Technology: Scenarios for Captives”  

Wednesday, August 8th 10:00 – 11:00 am

Learning Objectives: 
A panel of experts will help risk managers answer a number of key questions about blockchain and distributed ledger technology, and how it may be leveraged in the captive insurance space. Upon completion, participants will be able to recognize the following attributes of using blockchain technology:

– Potential to greatly reduce transaction and operational costs
– Transparency of financial reconciliation
– Ease of use

Program Summary: 
Blockchain and distributive ledger technology, the technology behind Bitcoin, is a cloud-based, fully synchronized financial ledger that can greatly reduce transaction costs. All parties instantly see the current status of their position on the ledger, without the need for multiple layers of financial reconciliation of cash flows between participants. Bitcoin’s chief limitations are the open (accessible to everyone) nature of the ledger and its massive scale – which can slow transaction times and increase computer processing costs. Using the technology to support private, password-protected distributive ledgers is a “Made for Captives” killer application. A captive’s relatively small number of stakeholders within a circle of trust (compared with the commercial insurance analogy), makes the technology easy to use, with a favorable impact on operational costs at all levels.

The captive, its insureds, its managers and trusted advisors (and even captive regulators) can instantly assess the financial status of the captive, and the impact of each participant’s financial stake, in a secure and efficient environment. The session will introduce the technology, identify its current insurance related applications, and explore innovative use scenarios for captives.

Carol Barton, AIG Multinational
Rocco F. Mancini, Marsh’s Captive Advisory Group
Havell Rodrigues, Adjoint

All participants must attend the webinar in its entirety to receive credit.
The following credits are available upon the successful completion
1 ACI CE credit
1 ICCIE Teleconference credit

Delivery Method: Computer Only

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$100 per ICCIE modular student
$75 per ACI Alumni Network member (New Price)

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