Aidan is a Senior Director, Underwriting at Asurion, a global tech care company. He is based in Atlanta, GA. He is responsible for the operations of Asurion’s insurance entities and is part of the global underwriting team. Before Asurion, Aidan was a Director within Aon Global Risk Consulting as part of the Risk Finance & Captive Consulting (RFCC) practice. RFCC focused on consulting with clients to evaluate and develop unique solutions using alternative financing methods either in conjunction with or distinct from traditional insurance markets.

Aidan Kelly was the Chief Operations Officer and Compliance Officer for the WTW Global Captive Practice comprising all of WTW’s captive operations globally. Aidan was responsible for the operational delivery of client services, developing and improving service standards and ensuring a compliance culture is evident throughout the Global Captive Practice.

Aidan has expertise in a broad spectrum of captive and risk transfer mechanisms. In his career, he has demonstrated experience with a number of diverse clients and industry sectors and has worked with clients, brokers, insurers and reinsurers in many key international markets.

Aidan has specialized in international insurance business and, in particular, captives for the past 24 years of his career. Aidan was previously a Director of Willis Captive Management in the Isle of Man. Many of his clients have international programs with operations in North America, Europe, Asia, Southern Africa and Australia. Prior to joining Willis, Aidan was a Property Facultative Underwriter for QBE Reinsurance (Europe) in Dublin, Ireland. Before QBE, Aidan was with RSA Ireland for 10 years where he focused on corporate property and liability programs and risk surveying. Aidan holds the ACI designation and is an ICCIE Fellow. He also holds a Certificate in Captive Insurance Management from Glasgow Caledonian University.