Welcome to the International Center for Captive Insurance Education

Several years in the making, ICCIE (pronounced “I SEE”) was developed in response to a need expressed by captive insurance professionals for in-depth educational offerings, information on current topics, and a professional designation.

Despite a strong pattern of expansion in captive insurance companies, research showed that there was a critical lack of education and training in the industry that, if not corrected, could affect its continued growth and professionalism. ICCIE’s mission is to be the premier provider of captive insurance education and to offer the pre-eminent professional designation in captive insurance.

The ICCIE-ACI curriculum is well rounded and provides a good framework for learning the aspects of captives and the captive industry. Additionally, the materials used and provided throughout the courses … will also likely add to your resource library.

Pamela Zanzucchi, Artex Risk Solutions, Inc
Completed designation: January 31, 2015

Several of our staff have gone through the program and several more are enrolled which we fully support as it helps us in developing the talent we need to service our growing portfolio of clients in various onshore and offshore domiciles. It’s also been interesting to see several of our clients that are new to captives take advantage of the program which is great because it makes our job easier when our clients understand the issues and ask the right questions”

Brady Young, Strategic Risk Solutions

For me, the whole program was beyond informative, though very challenging, at times. The value I received was incredible. I feel accomplished and proud. I am more confident at my work, networking in the industry, and in all insurance and captive matters. And, for that, I thank you, ICCIE!

Angelia Demkovic, Compass Holdings
Completed designation: June 17, 2016

ICCIE has fulfilled an ever-growing need in the insurance industry, as the knowledge and understanding of captives has proven to be a rare commodity. The ACI designation program is a comprehensive, well-structured educational opportunity which has left me with a wealth of knowledge in a broad range of captive topics. I highly recommend this program of study to individuals at all levels, in any capacity, who want to acquire the most thorough captive education available.

Jordan Cohen, Physicians' Reciprocal Insurers
Completed designation: January 27, 2011

ICCIE courses are offered online via instructor-led webinars — combined with readings, homework assignments, and chatboard interaction done at the convenience of the student’s schedule. Each course is offered one or more times during the year. Each course includes a start and end date, followed by a testing period.

Where, when and how are
the courses taught?

ICCIE offers students the opportunity to participate in its captive insurance education program as either designation candidates, certificate matriculants or individual class (modular) students.

What are the
programs of study?

With the understanding that the success of ICCIE depends on stellar academic quality, ICCIE has recruited some of the most recognized names in captive insurance to serve as instructors.

Who teaches


Scholarship and grant monies may be available to cover all or a portion of the costs for ICCIE programs. Check with the various industry organizations, including ASHRM, CICA, PRIMA, RIMS, VCIA, and VSAC, to find application forms and deadlines for the scholarship process applicable.

Approved Modules at Captive Conferences

Earn TC or CE Credit at Captive Conferences and Partner Organizations

Many captive conference sessions qualify for ICCIE teleconference or continuing education credit.

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