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Several years in the making, ICCIE (pronounced “I SEE”) was developed in response to a need expressed by captive insurance professionals for in-depth educational offerings, information on current topics, and a professional designation.

Despite a strong pattern of expansion in captive insurance companies, research showed that there was a critical lack of education and training in the industry that, if not corrected, could affect its continued growth and professionalism. ICCIE’s mission is to be the premier provider of captive insurance education and to offer the preeminent professional designation in captive insurance.

At Liberty Mutual Insurance, we provide a full range of captive management services to many captive customers with various captive arrangements. I found the education that I received in earning and maintaining my ACI designation to be valuable in better understanding our customers and their needs.

Jeanne Crowell , Liberty Mutual
Completed designation: December 14, 2006

USA Risk Group encourages all staff to enroll in ICCIE classes. When hiring, we find one of the biggest hurdles is understanding insurance. We can find accountants, but accountants with insurance expertise are harder to come by. The ACI program helps our employees understand captive insurance programs, rather than just the pure accounting aspects. This in turn improves the services we are able to provide to our clients.

Andrew Sargeant , USA Risk Group

I’ve been in several segments of the insurance industry over the years. I always look to educate myself in that industry segment and obtain the most pertinent designation. The ICCIE program was the most focused and easiest to utilize of all that I have used. Add to that the knowledgeable instructors, the helpful staff, and the quality interactions with other students, it is the best. I now have the knowledge base to be successful in the captive world.

Dan Brudos , Deere & Company
Completed designation July 10, 2009

The ACI designation exceeded my expectations. The coursework was challenging and the instructors had a great depth of knowledge. The program administrators were fantastic! They were very responsive and organized! Being able to attend remotely allowed me to complete a program that otherwise would not have been possible.

Ruth Flynn , University of Minnesota Physicians
Completed designation: June 25, 2010

ICCIE courses are offered online via instructor-led webinars — combined with readings, homework assignments, and chatboard interaction done at the convenience of the student’s schedule. Each course is offered one or more times during the year. Each course includes a start and end date, followed by a testing period.

Where, when and how are
the courses taught?

ICCIE offers students the opportunity to participate in its captive insurance education program as either designation candidates, certificate matriculants, ICCIE Fellow candidates or individual class (modular) students.

What are the
programs of study?

With the understanding that the success of ICCIE depends on stellar academic quality, ICCIE has recruited some of the most recognized names in captive insurance to serve as instructors.

Who teaches


Scholarship and grant monies may be available to cover all or a portion of the costs for ICCIE programs. Check with the various industry organizations, including ASHRM, CICA, PRIMA, RIMS, VCIA, and VSAC, to find application forms and deadlines for the scholarship process applicable.

Approved Modules at Captive Conferences

Earn TC or CE Credit at Captive Conferences and Partner Organizations

Many captive conference sessions qualify for ICCIE teleconference or continuing education credit.

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