Many of the 2022 NRRA National Conference sessions qualify for ICCIE teleconference or CE credit. To receive ICCIE teleconference or CE credit, please complete the sign-in sheet found in each session or obtain a certificate of completion for your participation and forward it to the ICCIE office.

Designation students: All of the three required teleconferences may be obtained through documented attendance at approved modules at captive conferences.

ACI recipients:
There is no limit to the number of CEs that may be obtained through documented attendance at approved modules at captive conferences.
  • To receive credit for this live session, there is a charge of $100 ($75 for AAN members).  The ICCIE Office will notify you after the conference regarding methods of payment.
  • ACI graduates can take advantage of a CE Subscription Package. ACIs can prepay for their 12 credits in webinars and live sessions at Captive Conferences for $850 (non-refundable).  This can be purchased at any time through the ICCIE website, and the credits may be used over more than one renewal window.
You will receive one TC or one ICCIE CE for the following sessions:

Tuesday, November 1, 2022
Third-Party Service Provider “Think Tank Session #1
Real-Life Trial Strategies that May Help Avoid the “Run-Away” Jury Verdict
Secrets of the Successful Companies

Wednesday, November 2, 2022
RRGs Outperform Now – But How About Two Years from Now?
The Purpose-Driven RRG – The Real Perspective
Regulatory Roundtable – NAIC Perspective on the Regulation of RRGs
2022 Update: Unavailability vs. Unaffordability Distinguished in Today’s Context
Third-Party Service Provider “Think Tank Session #2
What Can Be Larger Than Cyber Right Now?
Advanced and Interim Planning 201

Thursday, November 3, 2022
Reinsurance: Options Defined – Domestic, International and In-house
Benson vs. CC RRG Case study – The Members’ Toolkit at Work

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